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Cristina Aguilera

Flamenco dancer with a degree in Spanish dance by the Carmen Amaya Conservatory in Madrid. Her many performances include her participation in the XX edition of the Seville Biennial with her own show "Corazón abierto", at the XX Festival de Jerez with the company of Fuensanta "La Moneta" and the presentation of the show "Granada" with Alba Heredia in the Flamenco Viene del Sur program.

Throughout her career, Cristina has performed in many stages and festivals, among which we highlight:
In 2015: presents her first show ” ENCRUCIJADA ” under the Es.Flamenco cycle of the Diputación de Granada.
She collaborates in the show “Divino Amor Humano” by Fuensanta “La Moneta”. At the same time, she is part of the company of Fuensanta ” La Moneta ” as a repeater.
In 2016: she is invited by the company of Estévez y Paños to the rehearsals of their company.
Acts at the XX Festival de Jerez with Fuensanta’s company “La Moneta” with the show “Fui piedra”.
She collaborates as a guest artist in the show “Amalgama” by Javier Martos with Antonio Canales.
Participate in the Viene del Sur Flamenco Cycle at the Alhambra Theater (Granada) with the IAF.
Participates as a solo dancer at the IIFA Bollywood awards ceremony organized in Madrid.
Participates in the Festival Alegría of the city of Chefchaouen with Estrella Morente.
Participation in the XVIII Edition of the Veranos del Corral with the premiere of its second show
“Open heart”.
Acts in the XII Young Flamenco Festival of Huétor-Tájar with Juan Habichuela Nieto and Juan Pinilla.
Participation in the 20th edition of the Seville Biennial with her show “Corazón abierto”.
Participation in the XVII FLAMENCOS ENCUENTROS held in Granada with El Pele, Rancapino Hijo, Kiki Morente, Gema Caballero, etc.
In 2017: Presentation of the show “GRANADA” with Alba Heredia in the Flamenco Viene del Sur TV Show.
Acting as a guest artist in the presentation of Bernardo Miranda’s latest album.
Presentation of the new show, ”FLAMENCO POR-VENIR”, directed by Cristina Aguilera among other artists, being premiered at the XIX Flamenco Festival of Veranos del Corral.
In 2018: Tour through China with the show “Carmen” being the first dancer of the Flamenco Ballet of Granada.
She also currently performs different jobs, as a solo dancer throughout Spain and countries such as Russia, Belgium, Geneva, etc. in different clubs and important festivals and tablaos such as Casa Patas, Corral de la Morería and Villa-Rosa (Madrid), Tablao Cordobés (Barcelona), House of Flamenco Art (Granada), Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos and El Arenal (Seville).

Degree in Spanish Dance in the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Dancers Association of Madrid APDE. (2007)
Degree in Spanish Dance at the Carmen Amaya Conservatory in Madrid. (2009)
Finalist in the Contest of the Peña de la Perla de Cádiz.
First prize in the Young Flamenco Contest VI Andalusian Young Flamenco Competition.
DESENCAJA 2015. Organized by the Andalusian Institute of Youth, together with the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, IAF.
First prize in the V Tablao Villa-Rosa Competition (Madrid).
Semifinalist of the International Festival of Cante de las Minas in its 56th edition.


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