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May 22, 2022

Emily Mortimer at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

The well-known London actress, Emily Mortimer, who is currently in the Catalan capital filming "The bookshop" under the direction of the prestigious filmmaker Isabel Coixet, recently visited the show of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona, invited by one of the future bets of this home, El Yiyo.

May 22
Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

Emily Mortimer at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

The well-known London actress, who is currently in the Catalan capital filming “The bookshop” under the direction of the prestigious filmmaker Isabel Coixet, recently visited the show of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona, invited by one of the future bets of this home, El Yiyo.

With a program full of figures, Juan de Juan, Yiyo, Belén López and Karime Amaya made the audience vibrate on a memorable night, which Emily herself recognized, surprised by the level of the show.

The actress
Emily Mortimer, born in Hammersmith, London, begins to stand out as an actress from 1996, with her first major role in a feature film with Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas in The Ghost and the Darkness. From that moment his career takes off and is widely known by the general public for his roles in Match Point (2005), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), Chaos Theory (2008), Harry Brown (2009), Shutter Island ( 2010) and Hugo (2011).

The program he saw at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona

During the first week of September, two prizes aside from the Festival of the Mines of the Union: Jesús Carmona (Prize in 2012) and Belén López (Prize in 2016) together with the Revelation Prize of the Festival de Jerez 2013, the granddaughter niece of Carmen Amaya , Karime Amaya, will star in the return of the acclaimed show “With Carmen Amaya in Memory”.

“With Carmen Amaya in Memory” was the show with which Tablao Flamenco Cordobes paid homage to the famous dancer Carmen Amaya on the centenary of her birth, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

“With Carmen Amaya in Memory” was represented in several national and international festivals, among them; La Villette Festival, Los Veranos de la Villa, Flamenco OnFire, Mercat de les Flors, Lope de Vega Theater, Docs Festival, Great Flamenco Festival of Barcelona, ​​etc … Capturing the attention of the most purist flamingos and critics from around the world.

The second week of September Juan de Juan, with several awards behind him from a very young age (El Potaje Gitano de Utrera and the “Gazpacho Andaluz de Morón de la Frontera”) takes over from Jesús Carmona, and next to Belén López, Karime Amaya and Sara Barrero will continue with the show tribute to Carmen Amaya every afternoon at the tablao Las Ramblas.

To finish September, Juan de Juan cedes the position to Farru, who together with Karime Amaya, honoring their surnames will present again in the tablao the show that awarded him the 2015 critics prize as best dancer to his brother Farruquito, “The Farruco and the Amaya”, the commemorative show of the 45 years of history of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, and a tribute to the two great names of the world of flamenco, Los Farruco and Los Amaya.

Repercusión en los medios

Emily Mortimer recognizes that she wanted to be distracted, so when Manuel Monzón -one of the producers of “The bookshop” who rolls in Barcelona under Isabel Coixet-invited him to see a flamenco show, he did not think twice. Especially because the idea came from Patrick, the manager of El Yiyo, whom Emily knew about references, that the presence of the dancer is beginning to be felt in New York where the actress lives. Dressed informally, and with a bag with the script of the following day, Emily went to El Cordobés, where the genius acts.

Sitting discreetly and with a drink, he followed with enthusiasm the evolutions of Yiyo and his company, whom he sometimes looked for a simile with the Kabuki, a dance that he loves. Vibrant and pleasant, despite the hard day of work, Emily remained attentive until one of the dances reminded her of something special: the movements of her daughter, May Rose, who at six years old seems gifted for the art of Terpsicore. Open the mobile and shows us the little girl, who is a copy of mom, her perfect miniyo, evolving in the living room of her New York house.

It seemed short session and learned part of the symbology of an art that is seeding daily adepts through figures that have their own name lately, such as Farruquito, Joaquín Cortés or now El Yiyo, which, also by chance, have been, or are , image of Giorgio Armani, paradigm of the most conceptual elegance.

After the show, of which Emily is so surprised as grateful and excited, there is a meeting in the middle of the Rambla, where the summer atmosphere keeps sending despite the month. There is an exchange of compliments and invitations, fleeting ideas of collaborations that will probably remain in nothingness. But a mutual admiration and a special affection floats. There is not much time for anything else. The Yiyo has a second pass waiting for him and tourists are already entering, and Emily has to get up early.

Emily, daughter of screenwriter John Mortimer, loves Barcelona, ​​in fact she would like to stay, but, reconsider a second and rectify: “No, no, I want to go back home, to New York, with my husband and my children”, says giving away another of his impressive smiles. Meet Spain, “a little, I was three days during my one of honey, already ago … (Think a little and doing away on the belly) when I was pregnant with Samuel”, his first child. Then he returned and was another three days to do the architectural route: “I know everything about Gaudí”, he says amused.

He has a lot to see because this time he has just left the set, the bookstore that his character in the film insists on opening in a small town off the coast of England in the late fifties. A story by Penelope Fitzgerald, with whom both actress and director are identified. He liked Coixet’s script so much that he has waited (and collaborated) on its funding and even resigned a role with Yevhen Aranovsky. How did the script come into your life? Chance. Coixet is friends with another of the stars of the film, Patricia Clarckson and went to see the New York theater, where she represented “The Elephant Man” alongside Bradley Cooper and Alessandro Nivola, Emily’s husband. A dinner, a talk. And from there the rest arose.


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