Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Foundation

In our opinion, Andalusia and therefore Spain, have received from their racial and historical miscegenation an artistic legacy of popular origin, of a universal depth that has permeated and influenced many disciplines and artistic manifestations of the world of culture.

We refer to music, dance and songs known generically as "Flamenco". Its formal and background wealth has made it a World Heritage Site spontaneously, since it is studied and practiced both in Japan and in the US, and we find it in any city in the world. There are flamenco schools and amateurs all over the world, arriving in some countries to form true flamenco professionals, as is the case of Japan or all of Spanish America.

The Foundation was born with the purpose of contributing to revalue its foundations, to clarify its values, classify them and help their permanent role within the cultural panorama of our country and the world to which our work allows us to reach. This Foundation was born from Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, heir of the first singing cafes and first professional stages that brought out that music and those cantes from the family rite. The Tablao continues to be the scenario where learning is an experience acquired without any academicism, from the oldest practice and learning methods in the world, learning by imitation and oral transmission. The Foundation is also born from the impulse of a family of professionals who, in compliance with their ethical and aesthetic responsibilities, do not hesitate to return to their profession and their art something of what it has given them, humbly seeking the collaboration of those who they feel identified with our objectives, because the truth is that, in our opinion, there is a certain systemic disorder in the projection, study, classification, clarification of this culture. It would be an honor for us, that the Foundation would serve as a chain of transmission, coordination and debate, of the talent and wisdom of so many lovers of this art, whose sum of efforts would be so important and useful.

Without going any further, recently the foundation has supported the production of the documentary about Carmen Amaya and the flamenco and gypsy culture of Barcelona, ​​rich and unknown culture that comes from the Tablao Cordobés tradition. He also participated in the Madrid festival of the Veranos de la Villa with a show tribute to Carmen Amaya, taking advantage of the fact that the same year in which it was presented was the centenary of his death. Also of note is his involvement in the program "Flamenco y Sociedad", whose meetings try to find ways to bring flamenco closer to society. The Tablao Cordobés Foundation maintains its commitment to its roots by promoting the knowledge and impact of the Flemish culture.


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