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flamenco Dancer

Alejandra Pachón

Alejandra Pachón Martínez was born in Madrid in 1993. At the age of three she began to take her first steps in flamenco dance at the Amor de Dios school in Madrid where she developed her taste for dance and flamenco in particular. At the age of fifteen she moved to an important tablao in Madrid to continue growing artistically for a few more years, in which she combined the teaching of this well-known centre with the Amor de Dios school. 


The dancer has taken classes with great artists such as Carmen “La Talegona”, Rafaela Carrasco, Beatriz Morales, Antonio “El Pipa”, Manuel Liñán, Rubén Olmo, La Moneta and José Galván among others. Alejandra graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and spent two years at the Fundación Cristina Heeren in Seville. She also teaches Flamenco in Seville and has danced on stages as diverse as Leganés, Seville, Madrid, San José de la Rinconada, Granada, Cádiz and Lisbon. In May 2019 he performed at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Seville at the gala of the Young Flamenco Values contest.


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