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Ezequiel Montoya

Ezequiel Montoya is a flamenco singer born in Seville who has grown up surrounded by flamenco since he was a child. He is the grandson of the cantaor Martín Revuelo and grandniece of the flamenco dancer Farruco. 

At the age of eight he sings for the first time on stage, premiering in Lope de Vega in Seville during the show ‘Gitanas’, headed by La Farruca. From that moment on he began his career with shows such as ‘Escuela de Arte’ with the dancer Manuel Fernández Montoya, El Carpeta. 

Ezequiel Montoya has shared the stage with great flamenco figures such as Manuela Carrasco, El Carpeta, La Farruca and Raimundo Amador among others and has performed at major flamenco events such as the Jerez Flamenco Festival, the Potaje de Utrera or in places all over the world such as France, Bogotá and Portugal among others. 




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