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Jose Luís Medina

José Luis Medina (1986), guitarist born in Córdoba, starts playing flamenco guitar with 13 years of Alberto Lucena's hand, from whom he learned for 5 years.

José Luis Medina (1986), guitarist born in Córdoba, starts playing flamenco guitar with 13 years of Alberto Lucena’s hand, from whom he learned for 5 years.
He started as a guitarist for the dance academy of Eva Rojano until, in 2005, he competed in the Contest of Youth of Accompaniment to Sing and Dance organized by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, receiving the first prize, which entailed a scholarship to study keep progressing He receives classes from great masters of the guitar such as Niño de Pura, Eduardo Rebollar, José Luis Postigo, Miguel Ángel Cortés and Pedro Sierra. This same year he also won the third prize as a solo guitarist in Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga) and in Ogijares (Granada).
The following year he participated as an assistant guitarist in the singing classes of José de la Tomasa and Paco Taranto. During his career as a guitarist, José Luis Medina has worked in the most important national and international festivals with renowned artists, sharing the stage with José Merce, Miguel Poveda, Esperanza Fernandez, Capullo de Jerez, Argentina, Rosario Toledo, Daniel Navarro, Mercedez de Córdoba or Paco Serrano among others. The following year he won the first prize in the National Contest of Flamenco Guitar Soloist of Jaén and Ronda (Málaga), and the Second Prize of the flamenco guitar contest of Ogijares (Granada).
Already in 2008 he acts as guitarist in the festival of Jerez with “La vida breve” by M. de Falla, presented by the company of Maria José León “La Ecijana” Maria José Léon “La Ecijana”. He also participates in the tourism fair of Bilbao as representative of the Andalusian lands with Yolanda Lorenzo. He has also been Miguel López’s first guitar at the premiere of his work “Canto a los potas”. That same year he also performed at the White Night of Flamenco in Córdoba with his own space as a solo guitarist. Also visit the Flamenco Festival of Gorbio, in France, together with Laura Santamaria, as well as being awarded the Sabicas Prize at the Young Flamenco Contest of Calasparra (Murcia).
Later, in 2010, José Luis Medina began working in two dance companies. With Ana García premieres a show at the La Chumbera theater in Granada; and with Charo Cala he premieres another show, a tribute to Val del Omar, in the emblematic Lope de Vega theater in Seville. She also performs several times with the singer Rosi “la Divi” in different recitals by different clubs in Málaga. He also participates in the Young Andalusian Competition of Córdoba winning the First Prize, which leads him to string several performances as a soloist within the scope of the contest, as in the White Night of flamenco of Cordoba, the Avantis theater or various festivals of the province From Cordoba. Together with Luis de Utrera, he runs several Seville clubs with recitals and premieres the Juanma Zurano show “Amor y muerte en las Pilitas” at the medieval festival of Alanis de la Sierra. The most outstanding event of this year, however, is his participation in the show of the Lebrija-born cantaor Manuel de Paula “AN’CA Paula” pre-released at the “La Caracolá” festival and presented at the Seville Central Theater at the Bienal, sharing poster with artists of the stature of José Valencia, El Funi or PAco Cortés, among many others.
José Luis Medina intervenes in 2011 in several circuits and shows, among which are the Ruta de las Tabernas in Córdoba, Calle Flamenco in Seville and the flamenco circuit of the Diputacion de Sevilla together with Juanma Zurano. He is also part of the musical director and guitarist of the show “Tarraconeando” by Francis Núñez, participates in the Flamenco Festival of Arahal (Seville) and in various recitals in clubs of the province of Córdoba, as well as appearing in the first Flemish festival in Dublin ( Ireland) accompanying the Lebrija-born cantaor Manuel de Paula.
He finally opens his own show at the Flamenco Festival of Chateauneuf (France), also presenting it in the 2011 edition of the White Night of flamenco in Córdoba.


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