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Macarena Giráldez, La Bronce

She was born in a gypsy family of artists, her father is El Yunque and her mother is Carmen Giráldez, she was a dance teacher and got the Flamenco Dance National Prize.

NAME: Macarena Giráldez, La Bronce

PLACE OF BIRTH: Barrio de Triana, Sevilla

FAMILY: She was born in a gypsy family of artists, her father is El Yunque and her mother is Carmen Giráldez, she was a dance teacher and got the Flamenco Dance National Prize.

STUDIES: She started dancing with her mother, Carmen Giráldez, and she improved her skills with the degree in Dance in the Conservatory of Cadiz. She studied the copla with Adelita Domingo.

CAREER: Singer and dancer with excellent skills in interpretation, Macarena Giráldez is one of the most current young figures of flamenco and Andalusian music.

Despite being born in Triana de Sevilla she feels that she belongs to La Macarena, where she was raised.

She was baptized in Torremolinos, Malaga- because her mother worked as a dancer for a long time in Mariquilla’s Tablao Flamenco El Jaleo. Later on, they moved to Cadiz, where Macarena received communion and finished the degree in Dance in the Conservatory of Cadiz.

At the age of 5 she made her first appearance in TV with her copla teacher Adelita Domingo and since she was 8 she showed her dance and sing skills. She also participated in the TV show La Puerta del Cante, in Canal Sur, starred by Camarón de la Isla. At the age of 14 she came back to Sevilla, where she was born, to open her own school of dance in La Macarena.

At the age of 15 she recorded the first record with figures such as Romero San Juan and Diego Carrasco. She was elected Saetera for eight consecutive years for the Exaltation of the Saeta of Sevilla. The last exaltation was in the Royal Theatre in Madrid with The Royalty, Kings of Spain and with singers such as Manuel Mairena and José de la Tomasa.

She has participated in several shows and TV programs such asLas calles de Cai, in which she made a debut in 1982 in the Grand Theatre Falla in Cadiz in a show with the most veteran singers, guitarists and dancers: Juan Villar, AdelaLa Chaqueta, Alfonso de Gaspar, etc. She was also part of the cast in shows like: Sabia Andaluza, Pureza de Cádiz, Entre Sevilla y Cádiz, Homenaje a Camarón, La Pasión de Sevilla, Lo que yo te cante, Sevilla y la copla, De Cádiz a Cuba, Lorca, Medea, Toros y flamenco, Don Juan Tenorio, Amor Brujo, La venta del duende, Yo me bajo en la próxima ¿y usted?, Portada de feria or Simof.

In 2007 she participated in the Pascual Gonzalez’s show, “Sevilla prays singing”, and in the recording of the record with the same name, collaborating as Saetera in the record together with the Cantores of Hispalis.

She has appeared in TV shows such as El Trampolín, Querida Concha, in the special TVE BBC El Día del Milenio.

She has performed in the Mario Maya’s show From Cadiz to Cuba, presented in the Flamenco Bienal of Sevilla in 1998. She has made a tour in Japan, Miami, Paris and London, performing different shows.

She was elected to sing in the film Yerma (1998) by Pilar Távora based in the Federico García Lorca’s play. She was the main female voice in the record with the same name, soundtrack of the film starred Aitana Sánchez Gijón in which she sang along with the Symphony Orchestra of Sevilla.

Her deep, gypsy and flamenco voice fits really well in the Andalusian opera Carmen by Salvador Távora in which she sang one of her favorite folk singings: la saeta.

She was the artistic partner of the dancer Antonio Canales in the flamenco musical “Thousand and One Nights” in the theatre La Latina in Madrid, she was also the main voice in the soundtrack of the flamenco musical as Sherezade, together with artists like Enrique Morente, Guadiana and Los Losadas, recorded in 2005.

In her discography we can mention: Al arte lo que es del arte, produced and directed by Jesús Bola Romero San Juan and Diego Carrasco, with José Antonio Rodríguez at the guitar (1995); Mi Copla, directed by the master José Manuel Rodríguez with the Orchestra of Madrid distributed in Miami (1997); Desde mi Huelva a Belen (2009), recorded in Huelva, a Christmas album produced by the council of Ayamonte and directed by Macarena with musicians like José Carlos Roca, Joaquín Brito and the actor Antonio Rus.

Nowadays, she is working in Sevilla in a new show entitled Del flamenco a la copla and recording a new record entitled Qué Sabe Nadie.

FESTIVALS: Flamenco Bienal of Sevilla (1998). Cinema and Sports Festival of Sevilla. Cinema Festival in Huelva. Benidorm Festival. Exaltation of the Saeta.


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