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Manuel Tañé

Born in a family related to the flamenco families of the Carpio, the Moneo and the Chalao.

NAME: Manuel Tañé

PLACE OF BIRTH:Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz

FAMILY: Born in a family related to the flamenco families of the Carpio, the Moneo and the Chalao.

STUDIES: Luis Moneo and Enrique El Extremeño are his masters. When he was in Lagar he learned from Juan Parrilla. He likes a lot listening to Agujetas, Juan Talega, Mojama, Manuel Torre, Borrico, Sernita, every artist from Jerez and, especially, to El Tortal, his idol.

CAREER: Manuel Tañé is an expert of the archaic Jerez, La Plazuela. He knows perfectly where he belongs and where he wants to go and that is why he does not hide his love for the past, for the sing to dance that has developed his qualities.

He started performing at the age of 16 earning money and finally he made the sing his profession. At first he sang with his cousin Manuela Carpio. Later on, he spent 2 years in El Lagar of Tío Parrilla presenting himself to the public as a singer in 1992 with two recitals, one in the group of Fernando Terremoto and the other in La Bulería.

He was supported by Juan Parrilla and he started working in several tablaos, especially in the Tablao El Arenal in Sevilla, hired by Curro Vález for two years and occasionally in the Tablao Cordobes in Barcelona. This last experience taught him a great number of sings, fact that called the attention of Antonio El Pipa, who hired him in 1996 to participate in all the company shows. He was there 16 years full of national and international experiences acting in the main theatres in the world such as the City Center in New York, the Royal Hall in London or the Theatre the Opera of Paris, among others.

From that moment, his artistic career has been broad and several famous artists have loved his way of singing hiring him for they own companies. His voice has accompanied the dance of Manuela Carpio, Concha Vargas, Manuela Carrasco, Carmelilla, Montoya, Antonio Fernández Farru, Juan Polvillo, María Juncal or Soraya Clavijo.

Artists and critics have catalogued his sing as wild, a qualification that made him proud. His way of expressing himself is attractive and uncommon.

The gypsy essence of this singer from Jerez has covered the stages of La Bienal, the Cordoba Festival, Jerez Festival, the La Unión Festival, the Suma Flamenca, Villa of Madrid, La Habana Festival, El Cairo Festival and a lot of events that gather the best flamenco artists.

Besides going to Mexico with María Juncal, Tañé has toured half the world, from Saud-America to Central America passing through Japan, China, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and, of course, all Europe.

He has taught sing lessons in some countries, included Japan, being also a master of sing in Vancouver, in Victor Kolstee and Rosario Ancer’s academy.

His skills have let him sing as a soloist or “delante” (In front) as they say in flamenco slang. A lot of Spanish groups have enjoyed the intense voice of el plazuelero whose soleá and seguiriyas sings are exceptional. The Torre Macarena, Mellizo, Juan Villar, Antonio Chacón or the veteran Los Cernícalos have been some of the places in which he has performed as a soloist.

Among his interpretative qualities stands out his control of the sings because he is able to sing every stile and variations perfectly.
FESTIVALS: The Bienal, Córdoba Festival, Jerez Festival, La Unión Festival, Suma Flamenca, Villa of Madrid, La Habana Festival and El Cairo Festival.


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