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flamenco Guitarrist

Mariano Campallo

Mariano Campallo studied guitar with Antonio Navas, Miguel Pérez and Jaime Burgos. After these first studies, he joined José Galván’s dance academy and later Manolo Marín’s academy. 


From an early age he began to work with the Campallo family. He also began to work professionally in the company of Manolo Marín composing music for the flamenco show “A Contratiempo”, together with the guitarist José Luis Rodríguez and in the company of Manuel Carrasco with the show La Diosa. 


He has been composer and director of the shows for the Andalusian Ballet, Ballet of María Rosa, Company of María del Mar Serrano, Company of Távora, Company of Cristina Hoyos, Company of Juana Amaya or the show Campallería with Rafael Campallo, Adela Campallo, Juan Campallo, Pili Campallo, and so on. 


Mariano Campaño has accompanied José Galván, Rafael Campallo, Adela Campallo, Juana Maya, Manuela Carrasco, Cristina Hoyos, Manolete, El Duende, Juan José Amador or Luis Moneo among others. He has also been guitarist of dance in courses of Rafael Campallo, Inma Luna, Alejandro Granados, José Galván, Manuel Betanzos or Manolo Marín among others. 


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