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Rosario Toledo

Flamenco dancer and choreographer, Rosario Toledo has managed put herself at the top of the flamenco dance scene due to her creativity and her art to transmit to the viewer the essence of what surrounds us.

Flamenco dancer and choreographer, Rosario Toledo has managed put herself at the top of the flamenco dance scene due to her creativity and her art to transmit to the viewer the essence of what surrounds us. Street. Light. The sensuality. The mischief. Cadiz, salted and seafaring. The grace, the cove, the air of the bay. Wild female She received his Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Dance from the Superior Conservatory of Dance in Seville and began her professional career with her teacher Charo Cruz. “By Law of Life” was the first show that represented and soon after joined the company of Manuela Carrasco and Antonio El Pipa. Intuitive, fresh, expressive, visceral, earthly. After those first steps, Rosario begins to act in recognized tablaos like “The Cordobes” in Barcelona or “Los Gallos” in Seville. She also collaborates as a guest artist in a show with figures such as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Antonio Canales, Israel Galván, Joaquín Grilo, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Dorantes and José Antonio Rodríguez, among others. In addition, she also acts as soloist in the show “From Cadiz to Cuba, the Sea of ​​Flamenco” with Mario Maya. The primitive dance and the vanguard. Brave, fresh, versatile. Instinct, intuition, the sixth sense. What hurts. Life itself. The influence and experience gained with those great masters have impregnated Rosario with a personal vision of flamenco dance. She has a deep and conceptual dance, full of ideas. But she keep her feet on the ground, clinging to nature and going outside. The game, the commotion, the explosion. The perspective. Root and branch. The Polyhedral Flamenco. To play, to go, to escape … Having reached the technical and artistic maturity, Rosario delves into the development of her own projects developed in her own company. Today she continues to reap enormous successes from critics and audiences and has become an essential flamenco dancer within the current flamenco scene. OWN PRODUCTIONS Among his productions we can find: -The air of Cadiz. International premiere at the Mont Marsan Flamenco Festival (France, 2008) “The first step.” Version-street with international premiere at the Festival of Flamenco Art Mont Marsan (France, 2008) “Passes for two.” Together with Ana Salazar under the direction of Pepa Gamboa with premiere at the Central Theater at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2008 “The first step.” Room version with national premiere at the 2009 Jerez Festival and international premiere at the Oslo Opera House (Norway, 2009) “There’s fire in your eyes.” Released at the Villamarta Theater during the Festival de Jerez in 2011 -‘I come’. Street show premiered at the Festival Cádiz in Dance-Movs and Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012 -‘Pintoresca ‘. Presented at the 1st Choreography and Dance Meeting of Jerez in July 2013 and Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2014 – ADN: Show premiered at the Festival de Jerez on February 24, 2015. – “Flamenco a Pelo” year 2016 – “El Pulso” work in progress presented at the Jerez festival in 2016. PROJECTS Among her many projects, we can highlight the show ‘Aleluya Erotica’, produced by TNT and premiered at the Bienal de Sevilla 2012, where she won the Giraldillo Award for Best Show. Throughout her trajectory she has received numerous recognitions, emphasizing in these lines the National Prize in the Contest of Flamenco Art of Cordova by Guajiras and Tarantos (1998); The second Prize of the Festival of Mines of the Union in 1999; The Giraldillo Prize for the Best Show at the Seville 2012 Flamenco Biennial for ‘Aleluya Erotica’ and the Seville 2012 Stage Award for ‘Erolean Hallelujah’ for the Best Dance Show. That same 2012 she premiered at the First Flamenco Festival in Philadelphia the choreography ‘Cómplices’ for the Passion and Flamenco Art Co. of Philadelphia-USA and in 2014 danced in the Choreographic Laboratory ‘Tapas’, held for a month at the II Flamenco Festival Of Philadelphia. In this last one, the artist has made three proposals of dialogue through the flamenco with three recognized dancers of the community of dance of the mentioned city, which has allowed her to take contact with other disciplines like the Post-Modern, the Jazz, the Tap-Dance, Hip-Hop or Free-Style from flamenco. At present, she collaborates as a guest artist with the pianist from Chiqui Cienfuegos Sevillian with whom she performed at the Bienal de Flamenco in 2016. In 2017, within the framework of the festival of Jerez, Rosario was presented as a guest artist with the group Ultra Hight Flamenco UHF. Finally, next March 1st, she is going to continue the tour with her show DNA, which has garnered great successes of public and criticism.


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