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Salomé Humeau

Salome was born on February 21, 1996, and discovered flamenco at the age of 6 in Bordeaux (France) at the school of Soledad Vargas.


Growing up in a family with parents musicians, performers and authors, she is sensitized to art very early and is trained throughout her childhood in different artistic areas such as music, dance, plastic art (Conservatory of music of Bordeaux, school of plastic art, ballet, African and contemporary dance…).


At the age of 13, Salome meets for the first time with the Jerez dancer María Del Mar Moreno, a very important teacher in her learning to dance, with whom she continues to train until today.


In 2016, guided by her passion for Flamenco dance, she decides to continue her learning in Seville and enters the Cristina Heeren Foundation where she receives scholarships for practice and monitor 4 consecutive years, until 2021.


During these years she learns from the great masters of traditional Sevillian dance such as Luisa Palicio, Antonio Molina “El Choro”, Javier Baron and Milagros Menjibar.


In 2018, at the age of 22, she enters the CIE “María Del Mar Moreno” and is part of the show “MEDEA” in collaboration with Pilar Tavora. “MEDEA” premieres at the Lope De Vega in Seville in October 2018, then at the Teatro de Ronda in November and at the Teatro Villamarta in the XXIII edition of the Jerez Flamenco Festival in March 2019.


In 2020, eager to expand her vision of art, she collaborates with the dancer and choreographer Cristina Hall in her work “Simbiosis” which they take to the final of the Madrid Choreographic Contest and in October 2021 in the Microstable festival in Pamplona.


She trains in parallel and until today with other great teachers such as Miguel Rubio and Laura Santamaria and in stylized dance in the school “Flamenco Danza” with Tamara Lopez.


In September 2021, she entered the Antonio Ruiz Soler contest of the Torres Macarena penalty where she was a semi-finalist and in the XXI Andalusian Contest of Young Flamencos in Seville where she was a finalist.


In December 2022, she entered the contest “CreArte Flamenco, prize to the ‘Cantiña de Pinini’ of Utrera’ where she was a finalist.





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