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Vaky Losada

Vaky Losada, José Luis Fernández Losada's stage name, guitar player and composer, is a part of the Losada family of Madrid.

Vaky Losada, José Luis Fernández Losada’s stage name, guitar player and composer, is a part of the Losada family of Madrid.

At only 7 years of age, he debuted as a professional musician as a percussionist for his brother Diego, who was a concert guitar player already with only 12 years old. Together with his brother, they formed a duet and won several awards in national contests. With 8 years of age they performed in Manolita Chen and Antonio Encina’s Teatro Chino, where they executed two pieces accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. When he was 10, they performed “Entre dos aguas” in the “La Voz de Madrid” radio station, thanks to the helping hand of the famed reporter Maíto. Such performance opened the door to further performances in several children TV shows.

At 16 years old he finally debuts in a tablao in Manolo Caracol’s “Los Canasteros” where he works with great artists such as Juan Ramírez, La Paquera de Jerez, Amina or La Chana, among others. At 17 years old he starts working in flamenco companies, such as the José and Carmela Greco Dance Company, touring Italy or the Flamencos en Route Company, where he works with flamenco artists from all around the globe. He worked as well for the famous dancer Luisillo touring China, Korea and Singapore

After these experiences, he forms a band with his brother Diego, “el Niño Cigala” and Víctor Merlo, known as “Makandé”, with many collaborations with jazz musicians and developing the career of el Niño Cigala, who is known now under the name Diego “el Cigala” and considered one of the most important flamenco singers. They performed together in a revolutionary concert in the Cumbre Flamenca in Madrid, which made Vaky form a new band, “Flamenco Fusión”, with Jorge Pardo, Carlos Benavent, Rubén Dantas, la Susi and the dancer Raúl, debuting as a band in the Monumental Theatre in Madrid.

He stumbles upon japanese flamenco meeting Shoyi Kojima, a famous japanese dancer, with whom he works in Japan. His relationship with japanese flamenco is extended with the presentation of a new album with the famous trumpeter Terumasa Hino, touring Japan for its presentation.

After this japanese stage, he starts working with the guitar player Paco Peña, traveling around the globe (Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Alaska, USA, South America, …) in between concerts and master classes. It stands out from this stage his performances at Kensington Palace for Princess Diana and in the Royal Albert Hall in London, sharing stage with Montserrat Caballé.

He organised and presented a charitable concert for the children affected by war in Zagreb.

In 2000 he starts working in Joaquín Cortés’ company performing in “Alma Gitana”, “Sould” and “Ciyabí”, where he exhibited his versatility as a musician playing the guitar, the arab lute and the mandola.

In 2003, together with his brothers they create their own company, presenting the musical “Las mil y una noches” in La Latina Theatre, in Madrid:

– ON THE ROAD. Terumasa Hino – Losadas (Sony América & Japan) 1988
– PA’LLORAR DE MOMENTO. Losadas (Karonte records) 1991
– ARTE Y PASIÓN. Losadas – Paco Peña (Nimbus records) 1993
– TÚ ESTAS EN EL AIRE. Losadas (Peps record) 1996
– CORAZONES ROTOS. Losadas (Columbia – Sony) 1998
– LAS MIL Y UNA NOCHES. Losadas (Diablo SL) 2003

Presently he is collaborating with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in their shows in Barcelona.


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