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August in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Jesus Carmona Throughout the month of August the prestigious dancer and choreographer will be on this historical stage.

August in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

Jesus Carmona

Throughout the month of August the prestigious dancer and choreographer will be on this historical stage. This Catalan dancer is currently one of the top performers in the most important national and international flamenco festivals. He was first dancer of the Spanish National Ballet for 5 years and has collaborated with some of the best flamenco artists. His dance style, perfectly polished with hard work since he was a kid, allows him to use his virtuous technique to create his own aesthetic language. He has mastered the complex and rich subtleties of flamenco and is considered done of the most complete and acclaimed choreographers in the world.

Karime Amaya

In August’s second half we will have the pleasure to welcome Karime Amaya, close relative of Carmen Amaya and a dancer with a solid international reputation. Her dance is full of power and character and her art has already charmed critics and audiences all over the globe. Cities like New York, Tokyo, Alburquerque, Quito, New Mexico, Madrid or Mont-de-Marsan, among others, have already been witness to her performances.

Lucía Campillo

In August (1-31) Lucía Campillo returns to Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. This dancer began her professional career at the Antonio Gades Foundation, in the cast of productions such as Carmen, Sangas de Sangre, Suite Flamenca and Fuenteovejuna. In 2010, she entered the National Ballet of Spain as a soloist and first dancer, under the direction of Jose Antonio and, later, of Antonio Najarro, performing in the most important theaters in Spain and in the world. She also collaborates during this stage as a guest artist in the company of bailaor and dancer Jesús Carmona, in the show Cuna Negra and Blanca, participating in prestigious festivals, such as the Festival de Jerez or the Seville Biennial.

Sara Barrero

Accompanying them during the first half of the month will again dazzle us with their art Sara Barrero, a regular dancer in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes with an extensive and valuable trajectory as quality guarantee.


Antonio Campos “Bocaillo”

Born in Barcelona, ​​in the neighborhood of Bon Pastor, he grew up in a flamenco environment. He was formed as a professional singer in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, working with great artists such as Karime Amaya, Susi, Pastora Galván, Jesús Carmona, Angelita Montoya, Guadiana, Junco, Farru, Patricia Guerrero, José Maya, Alfonso Losa, Marcos Flowers, Olga Pericet or la Moneta. He polished his talent by the hand of great cantaores like Manuel Tañé, Antonio Villar, Rubio de Pruna or the Coco.

Manuel de la Nina

Young cantaor from Jerez de la Frontera who has already toured stages of the main cities of the United States. He debuted with Tomasa ‘La Macanita’, Luis ‘El Zambo’ or Tía María Bala, among others.

El Quini de Jerez

Throughout his career he has worked with many important artists such as Tomasa Guerrero “La Macanita”, Fernando Terremoto, Elu de Jerez and Merchora Ortega, among others.

He started his career as flamenco singer at the Lagar de Parrilla, one of the most iconic venues in Jerez. Began his performances in clubs, contests and festivals, winning first prize of the Contest of Songs by Bulería de Jerez a year later.

After his success, he joined the company of Antonio Gades, touring the world and performing in the US, France, London, California, Morocco or Brazil.

Mara Rey

Born on March 9, 1979 in Madrid, she began to take her first steps in Mexico in theaters such as Bellas Artes and Coba Rubia, together with her father Tony Rey (guitarist) and her brother Antonio Rey, a renowned guitarist, soloist and music creator for big companies. For years she has worked as a bailaora and cantaora with Manuela Carrasco, Los Farrucos, Poveda, El Pipa, Duquende, etc. And has performed in major festivals such as the Bienal de Flamenco and the Festival de Jerez. The cantaora from Madrid will perform in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes from August 1st to 31st.


Dancing and singing, accompanied as always by the best guitars. We present our cast of guitarists for the month of August:

David Cerreduela

Well-known guitarist from Caño Roto, one of the cradles of the flamenco guitar in Madrid, is the son of the famous guitarist El Nani and grandson of a guitar builder. In addition to playing for the best known flamencos, he has been accompanying Enrique Morente for years, has been guitarist of the National Ballet of Spain and has also collaborated in albums of such important singers as Diego El Cigala, Manolo Tena, Guadiana or Antonio Carmona.

Israel Cerreduela

In spite of his youth he has worked with artists such as Enrique Morente, Sara Baras, AntonioCanales, Guadiana, among others and has stepped in theaters like the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid, the Col·liseum or the Spanish Theater in Barcelona and in Festivals as important as the Biennale of Seville, where he acted along with Carmen Cortés, and has even acted in television programs, such as the most recent El sol, la sal, son of Jesús Quintero.

Israel is characterized by the freshness and the delicacy of its flamenco touch, and it is united to the experience acquired by the inheritance with which its family has marked it; Without a doubt is one of the young promises of the flamenco touch and one of the tocaores with more personality of the moment.

Eugenio Santiago

Versatile guitarist, he is one of the most promising young guitarist of the flamenco guitar in Barcelona. He has a great rhythm sense and he is already able to accompany all the types of flamenco. He has already been recognized with several prizes, among which we can highlight the second prize of the international contest of Hospitalet and also the first prize to the best accompaniment to cante por bulerías (a type of flamenco).


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