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Cycle of Great Performers II

From 15/03/2024 to 31/10/2024

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Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is one of the most important and legendary flamenco venues in Spain, due to its brilliant artistic program, which changes every 20 days or so. The most important flamenco artists from Spain and Catalonia and the young talents that are bursting onto the flamenco scene have performed on its stage.

This cicle, it has brought together some of the young winners of the most important flamenco awards in Spain and Catalonia during the year 2023, often accompanied by other already established artists.

Embark on a journey where freshness meets expertise, youth meet audacity, and wisdom meets artistry. Every show is created to be an exclusive experience, eagerly anticipated for our esteemed guests to savor.

Enjoy authentic flamenco in a legendary Tablao.




Paula Salazar

Winner of the Madrid Choreography Contest 2023, this talented dancer from Malaga was also a finalist in the renowned Festival of Cante de Las Minas 2023. Currently, she is working on the creation of her first solo show, which will be presented at the upcoming Festival of Jerez 2024, while continuing to perform at various flamenco tablaos in Sevilla.


Vanesa Coloma

A renowned flamenco dancer, graduated in Spanish Dance and Flamenco from the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. She has collaborated with notable artists and in 2008, she won the National Prize of the "Pearl of Cádiz". She was a semi-finalist in the International Cante De Las Minas Competition in 2017. She has premiered two shows, "FlamenKlorica" and "CASTIZA", acclaimed by both critics and the public. Vanesa is a sought-after artist in the most prestigious flamenco tablaos in the world.


Cristina Soler

Cristina Soler Valero, a professional flamenco dancer, began her career in flamenco at the age of 3. After training in Granada, Seville, and Madrid, she joined prestigious flamenco dance companies, embarking on national and international tours. She has collaborated with major flamenco figures such as Eva la Yerbabuena and Manuel Liñán. As a soloist, her talent shines on prestigious national tablaos. At 30, she reflects the rich tradition and innovation of flamenco dance.


Sara Barrero

This Catalan dancer began her professional career at the age of 16. She has shared the stage with great artists such as: Eva La Yerbabuena, Maite Martín, Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Juana Amaya, among others.


Manuel Fernández ‘El Carpeta’

He is part of the renowned family of dancers "Los Farruco", grandson of the great "Farruco". He’s one of the most important and recognized young dancers in the world.


José Maya

José Rafael Maya Serrano, known as José Maya, is a flamenco dancer born in Madrid in 1983, into a Roma family of artists. From the age of nine, he has stood out for his exceptional talent, participating in festivals and shows at the national and international level. He has received awards such as the Copa Pavón at the Salzburg Festival in 1998 and Best Dancer at the Choreography Contest of the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid in 2000. A collaborator with recognized artists, he has captivated audiences with his passion and skill in flamenco art.


Carlos Velázquez

Carlos Velázquez began his dance career at the age of 5, debuting at the Alcázar theater in Madrid when he was 8. He trained at the Real Conservatory of Madrid and the Amor de Dios Dance School. He has worked as a solo dancer in renowned companies and performed in various countries and theaters in Spain. He has participated in different tablaos in Madrid and currently directs the flamenco tablao Cantares in addition to working in other tablaos.


Rosario Toledo

Rosario Toledo, dancer and choreographer, is recognized for her creativity in flamenco dance. Trained at the Superior Dance Conservatory of Seville, she has worked with notable figures like Javier Latorre and Antonio Canales. Her productions, like "The Air of Cadiz", have had critical and public success. In 2016, she stood out at the Jerez festival with "Flamenco a Pelo". She has received several awards, including the Giraldillo Award for Best Show in 2012.





Carrete de Malaga is a legendary dancer who likes to call himself the gypsy Fred Astaire, with 70 years on stage. Self-taught, intuitive, influenced by the great classics of flamenco, he is charismatic and surprising. After a successful career, he is experiencing a second stage of extraordinary recognition in the world of flamenco, which has positioned him as a cult dancer. Shows, biographies, and all kinds of tributes have been dedicated to him. To mention the most recent ones, in 2023 the City Council of his hometown Torremolinos dedicated a statue to him, and the Flamenco Biennial of Malaga declared the ‘Picassiano’ and ‘Carretiano’ year, opening the festival with a tribute show to Carrete, starring him, and he received the Venta de Vargas Award. Tablao Flamenco Cordobés wants to join the long list of well-deserved tributes, and opens its Cycle of Great Interpreters 2024 with this unique and singular character of flamenco. Flamenco in its purest state.


Agueda Saavedra

She began her dance career at an early age, studying Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Professional Conservatory of Malaga at the age of 8. Over time, she gained recognition and performed in tablaos and prominent festivals. She was part of companies such as Daniel Doña's and Manuel Liñán's, participating in several renowned shows. In addition, she performed as a soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, where she received the revelation artist award for her outstanding performance in the Jerez festival. Her passion for dance has led her to share her art as a teacher in various parts of the world. 


Juan Tomás de la Molià

He started dancing at the age of six in Jerez de la Frontera, learning bulerías. At seven years old, he performed in Madrid with Carmen Cortés. Later, he studied at the José Galván Sevillian Academy. He has participated on TV, taken classes with teachers and won awards in dance competitions. He continues to perfect her art at the Cristina Heeren Foundation.


Lorena Oliva

Catalan dancer winner of the 1st Prize in the Barcelona's II International Dance Contest. She has shared the stage with great flamenco artists such as "Farruquito" in the "Vivir Flamenco" production of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes.


Sara Barrero

This Catalan dancer began her professional career at the age of 16. She has shared the stage with great artists such as: Eva La Yerbabuena, Maite Martín, Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Juana Amaya, among others.



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