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Award Winners 2023 in February

From 01/02/2024 to 29/02/2024

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Flamenco… at the Tablao!

During the month of February, we present you some of the young people awarded during 2023/2024 with the most relevant flamenco awards in Spain and Catalonia accompanied by other already established artists.


Vanesa Coloma

A flamenco dancer born in Madrid who studies Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Royal Conservatory of the same city. In 2008, she won the National Prize "Perla de Cádiz" for Alegrías, and in 2017, she was a semifinalist in the International Contest of Cante de Las Minas. In 2015, she premiered the show "FlamenKlórica."


Sara Barrero

This Catalan dancer began her professional career at the age of 16. She has shared the stage with great artists such as: Eva La Yerbabuena, Maite Martín, Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Juana Amaya, among others.


José 'Escarpín'

He began his studies at the age of 7 with great teachers such as the great masters Juan Ramirez, Carlos Velazquez, Alfonso Losa, Jose Maya, Nino Reyes, Antonio Canales, Tony "El Pelao" and LaTati among others. He is the winner of the "WORLD RECORD GUINNESS 2010” of heel tapping and winner of the "MELÓN DE ORO" festival of "LO FERRO" the only dancer in the world with this award.


Carmela Riqueni

Flamenco dancer born in Seville in 1989. She began her career at a young age and has received training from prominent masters. She has participated in shows and tours in Spain, Morocco, and Japan, and has created her own show called "Atracciones". During the pandemic, she focused on preparing choreographies for Rafael Riqueni.


Álvaro Aguilera

Flamenco dancer with experience in different tablaos and peñas in Spain and other countries. He has been a solo dancer in international music and folklore festivals, and has worked as a choreographer and extra in dance shows. He has received several awards and recognitions for his talent in flamenco dance. Additionally, he has studied at the Maribel Gallardo Professional Dance Conservatory and is currently enrolled in the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory in Madrid.


Juan Carlos Avecilla 

Director, choreographer, and dancer with training in Spanish Dance and Choreography of Spanish Dance and Flamenco. He has worked in several renowned companies and has created several successful shows. He has also received recognition and awards for his work. He currently directs his own company and performs at important national tablaos.


Salomé Ramírez

Dancer from Jerez de la Frontera. She began dancing at the age of 4 under the guidance of Rafael Muñoz, being part of the group of young flamenco talents of Huella Jerezana (1994-1998). She continued her training at the academy of Manuela Carpio and Chiqui de Jerez, complementing it with masters such as Farruquito, Antonio Canales, Alfonso Losa, Marco Flores, and Manuel Liñán.


Marta Gálvez

Born in Cordoba in 1994, this dancer began her journey in flamenco at the age of 3. Graduating in Spanish Dance and Flamenco, she received a scholarship at the Andalusian Dance Center and continued her training in Madrid. She garnered awards, including 'Outstanding Dancer' in 2015 and the First Prize for Young Flamenco Artists from the Province of Cordoba in 2023. She has worked with prominent companies and artists such as María Pagés, the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia, and Jesús Carmona. Currently, she collaborates with various companies and performs in renowned theaters and festivals worldwide.


Beatriz Cruz

Talented flamenco dancer trained at the Cristina Heeren Foundation. She has performed at important festivals, received awards, and currently works as a dance instructor in various schools, as well as collaborating in the promotion of flamenco with Univisión.



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