flamenco show

Juan de Juan, Karime Amaya and Paloma Fantova

From 18th May to 9th June

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Juan de Juan

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes will feature the dance of Juan de Juan, a flamenco artist born in Seville and raised in Morón de la Frontera, one of the most flamenco villages in Andalusia and where he began his artistic career. At the age of seven he began to dance in the academy of Juan Triana and shortly after he began to receive classes from Juana Amaya. At the age of 16 he joined the Antonio Canales Flamenco Ballet, where he was the first dancer. Juan de Juan is a prestigious flamenco dancer who has toured numerous theatres and flamenco festivals all over the world, including France, Italy, the United States and Hong Kong. 



Karime Amaya

Along with Juan de Juan will be the dancer Karime Amaya, member of the Amaya family and grandniece of "La Capitana" Carmen Amaya, the most famous dancer of all time. Karime Amaya debuted when she was nine years old and since then she has performed in festivals and theatres all over the world such as the Albuquerque International Festival in the United States, Quito Festival, Mont-de-Marsan Flamenco Art Festival in France, Monterrey Flamenco Art Festival or the Jerez Flamenco Festival among many others. On the other side, the dancer Karime Amaya premiered her own show in November 2018 at the SAT Teatre de Barcelona: La Fuente. 



Paloma Fantova

Paloma Fantova is a flamenco dancer born in Cadiz who started dancing at a very early age. At the age of four she began to feel flamenco and at the age of eight she won the TVE talent contest "Premios Veo Veo". Paloma Fantova took part in Manuela Carrasco's choreographies in Japan and toured theatres all over the world such as New York, Washington, Paris, London or Cairo. In 2011 she participated in the show "Calé" by Joaquín Cortes and in 2012 she alternates her presence in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes in Barcelona with the presentation of her show "Sensibilidades". The dancer has also participated in Tomatito's works and in the show in homage to the great dancer Carmen Amaya, produced by Tablao Flamenco Cordoobes, together with Karime Amaya and Pastora Galván. In January 2019, Paloma Fantova presented its new show at the Jerez Festival: CUNA. 






David Cerreduela

Son of the famous guitarist “El Nani”, he has played for the most famous flamenco artists, he has been guitarist of the National Ballet of Spain and has also collaborated in numerous albums. He is currently working with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona. At 14 he began his professional career accompanying no less than Lola Flores and Merche Esmeralda. Later he joined the company of Antonio Canales in the works of Torero or Gitano. 



Antonio Santiago “Ñoño”.

Antonio Santiago, better known artistically as “Ñoño”, is the son of the renowned cantaor “Enrique El Extremeño”. At the age of 12 he began his training at the Cristina Foundation taking classes with artists such as Miguel Ángel Cortés, Manolo Franco or Pedro Sierra among others. At the age of 16 he made his first tour with the Junta de Andalucía in Costa Rica and began to work in the most important tablaos in Spain. In 2004 she toured Japan with artists such as Pepe Torres and Juana Amaya, among many others, and continues every year until 2013. He also accompanies Farruquito at the Primavera Flamenca Festival and other artists such as Antonio Canales, Farru, Manuela Carrasco, Juana del Revuelo, Cañete de Málaga or La Tana among others. In 2008 he won first prize as a solo guitarist in the competition of the Cátedra de Flamencología de Utrera.



Eugenio Santiago 

A versatile guitarist, he is one of the most promising young flamenco guitarists in Barcelona. Eugenio Santiago has already been recognized with several awards, among which we can highlight the first prize of the Certamen Internacional de Hospitalet and also the First Prize for the Best Accompaniment to the Vocals by Bulerías. Eugenio Santiago has shared the stage with great flamenco artists such as Farru, Juan de Juan, Belén López, Morenito de Illora, Joselillo Romero or Simón Roma among many others. 






La Fabi

Fabiola Pérez Rodríguez was born in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). She studied at the Cristina Heeren Foundation with José de la Tomasa, Paco Taranto and Esperanza Fernández. This great cantaora has sung for great figures of the dance and is developed to the perfection in the cantes de compás. In addition to performing with Cristina Hoyos’ company, she has performed in almost every tablao in Spain and has sung in festivals and theatres all over the world. In 2018 La Fabi releases her album “Fruto y Flores”. 



Juan Manzano “El Coco” 

Born in San Roc, he is probably one of the most flamenco voices in Barcelona. Authentic and with flamenco in his DNA. He also has a prodigious voice, capable of a temperamental singing, rich in evocative memories and an overflowing naturalness. Juan is a flamenco institution in Barcelona and never ceases to surprise us year after year.



Jonathan Reyes

Young singer with a tremendously personal and complete voice. He made his professional debut at the Berlin Philharmonic with the show The Quintet with which he toured Germany on tour. He has collaborated in shows such as The Duet with Leonor Moro and Antonio Arrebola or in the show Flamencura with Raphaela Stern and Carmen López. He has also worked or shared the bill with flamenco figures such as Esperanza Fernández, Rafael Campallo, Carmen Ledesma and Juana Amaya. He is considered one of the personalities with the greatest freshness and projection within the last generations of Flamenco today.



Manuel de la Nina

He made his debut in 2001 at the age of 8 at the Bienal de Sevilla at the Teatro López de Vega. At the beginning of his career as a soloist he performed in different venues in Jerez such as Peña Pepe Alconchel, Peña de la Bulería , Peña Tío José de Paula or Peña el Pescaero. In 2017 he released an album called Pasaje together with colleagues such as Rafael del Zambo, Enrique Remache and Fernando del Morao, with the special participation of Diego del Morao and Manuel Parrilla. He also performed in great theatres such as the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez, the Gran Teatro de Málaga and the Teatro Fibes in Seville.



Antonio Fernández




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