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Hugo López, Mónica Iglesias, Paloma Fantova

From 16th February to 28th February

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Hugo Lopez

Hugo López was born in Córdoba in 1989. The dancer began his training at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza and with his sister Encarna López. Hugo decides to perfect his training at the Andalusian Centre of Dance in Seville for two years and under the knowledge of flamenco professionals such as Ana María Bueno, Juanjo Linares or Trinidad Sevillano among others. From an early age Hugo López demonstrated his passion for dance and, at the age of 10 and 11, he reached the semi-final of a television show. As the years went by, the dancer continued training and began to dance professionally. At the age of 19 he would win the prize for best show at the Festival de Jerez with "Flamenco XXI: Ópera, Café y Puro" with the company Nani Paños and Rafael Estévez. Among other awards, Hugo López won the Desplante de Baile award at the Festival Internacional de Cante de Las Minas in 2018.


Mónica Iglesias

Mónica Iglesias is a dancer born in Madrid and living in Seville. With extensive training, she studied dance at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid and perfected her technique with teachers such as Andrés Marín, Manuela Carrasco, Eva Yerbabuena and Rubén Olmo. In 2018 Mónica Iglesias was awarded the First Prize and Trophy "Desplante" at the Festival de Cante de las Minas. The bailaora began her professional career under the direction of Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños under the direction of the filmmaker Carlos Saura for the show "Flamenco Hoy", represented on many stages throughout the international geography as the City Center of New York. Mónica Iglesias has toured great tablaos in Spain such as Tablao Flamenco Cordobes as well as the most representative national and international festivals sharing the stage with artists such as Patricia Guerrero, Pastora Galván, Chano Domínguez, Rocío Molina or Antonio Canales among others.


Paloma Fantova

Paloma Fantova began his career in flamenco professionally with only 4 years with his father, Manuel Fantova. Of gipsy ethnicity, Manuel transmitted to him his passion for flamenco and instilled in him his roots at the same time that he pulled out zapateaos with the chords of his guitar. She made her first appearance on television at the age of 6 and a year later Antonio Canales has her as principal dancer and in the work Bailaor y Raíz (Dancer and Root). Paloma has visited the most important theatres in the world, such as the City Center, Plymouth and SimphonySpace in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington, ChampsElysses and Chayllot in Paris, Sadler´s Wells and Queen Elizabeth Hall in London Theatre of the opera of Craz and Cairo, the Maestranza of Seville, Palau of the music of Valencia, etc.

She has also performed in festivals such as Festival de la Unión (2007), Bienal de Sevilla (2012), Festival de Danza de Guayaquil (Ecuador) - Zona Escena (2013).

Hugo López, Mónica Iglesias, Paloma Fantova & La Fabi

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes



David Cerreduela

Son of the famous guitarist “El Nani”, he has played for the most famous flamenco artists, he has been guitarist of the National Ballet of Spain and has also collaborated in numerous albums. He is currently working with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona.


El Tuto

Justo Fernández “Tuto” is a young guitarist born in Barcelona in the bosom of a family of flamenco artists who began his career at the age of 14. Tuto is an artist who at his young age already played for prominent figures such as Montse Cortés or Farruquito in an impeccable career.




La Fabi

Fabiola Pérez Rodríguez, known as La Fabi, was born in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). She studied at the Cristina Heeren Foundation with José de la Tomasa, Paco Taranto and Esperanza Fernández. This great cantaora has sung for great figures of the dance and develops to the perfection in the cantes de compás. Apart from having performed with Cristina Hoyos’ company, she has performed in almost every tablao in Spain and has sung in festivals and theatres all over the world.


Juan Manzano “El Coco”

Born in San Roc, she is probably one of the most flamenco voices in Barcelona. Authentic and with flamenco in its DNA. He also has a prodigious voice, capable of a temperamental singing, rich in evocative memories and an overflowing naturalness. Juan is a flamenco institution in Barcelona and he never ceases to surprise us year after year.


Luis El Granaino
Born into a family of artists from Granada, he began to perform throughout Barcelona, his first tour was in Azerbaijan with the company Tuto, Iván Alcalá and Juaquín el Duende, among others. He has performed with artists such as Antonio Canales, Saray García and Rafael Amargo, Barullo and Farruquito in the Sala Apolo. He also collaborated with Duquende in the recording of the album Kantata. He has a pure and gypsy style and specialises in Soleá, Seguiriya and Fandango.


Antonio Fernandez

From the 16th to the 28th of February Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is once again presenting a flamenco show with artists of international stature. The historic tablao located in Las Ramblas since 1970 programming for the second half of February a flamenco show in Barcelona with the dancers Hugo López, Mónica Iglesias and Paloma Fantova (Hugo López and Mónica Iglesias have been awarded the Desplante de Baile 2018 prize at the Festival Internacional de Cante de Las Minas). The bailaores will be accompanied by guitarists David Cerreduela and El Tuto and the cantaores La Fabi, Juan Manzano El Coco, Luis El Granaíno and Antonio Fernández.


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