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In tribute to Master José Galván

From March 21st to March 31st

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Between 21 and 31 March Tablao Flamenco Cordobes presents a cast that brings together tradition and experience with the young promises of today's flamenco. The show "Inspiración y Tradición" brings together on stage in the historic tablao of La Rambla in Barcelona the dancers José Galván, Juan Tomás de La Molía, Alejandra Pachón and Noelía del Rocío, the guitar players David Cerreduela, Israel Cerreduela and Tuto Fernández as well as the vocalists Zambullo, José de la Miguela and Bocaíllo. 






José Galván is a flamenco dancer who began his artistic career at the age of 12 by winning the "Escucha usted a sus vecinos" contest on Radio Sevilla. In 1965 he debuted at the "Cortijo del Guajiro" flamenco tablao and performed in Manolo Escobar's company. In 67 he won the 1st Golden Rooster of the Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos and in 1970 he performed in La Cochera with figures such as Farruco, Manuela Carrasco, Matilde Coral and Rafael El Negro among others. Among his students are Juana Amaya, Hiniesta Cortés, Israel Galván, Rafael Campallo or Susana Casas among many others. Since 1989 he has been teaching in Japan, the United States, France, Portugal, Germany and Italy, among other places around the world. After more than 50 years of artistic life he is still in good shape and his strength and energy on the boards is still recognized. 




The dancer Juan Tomás de La Molía was born in 2000 in Cádiz. At the age of six he began to take classes and one year later he performed in the Sabatini Gardens in Madrid, to a standing ovation from the audience. In 2014 he won a flamenco scholarship to take classes at the Cristina Heeren Foundation and in 2019 he won the first prize in the Andalusian Young Flamenco Creators' Association Competition in Seville.




Alejandra Pachón Martínez was born in Madrid in 1993. At the age of three she began to take her first steps in flamenco dance at the Amor de Dios school in Madrid. The dancer has taken classes with great artists such as Carmen La Talegona, Rafaela Carrasco, Beatriz Morales, Antonio El Pipa, Manuel Liñán, Rubén Olmo, La Moneta and José Galván among others. Alejandra graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and spent two years at the Fundación Cristina Heeren in Seville. She also teaches Flamenco in Seville and has danced on stages as diverse as Leganés, Seville, Madrid, San José de la Rinconada, Granada, Cádiz and Lisbon. In May 2019 he performed at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Seville at the gala of the Young Flamenco Values contest.




Noelia del Rocío is a dancer who began dancing sevillanas at the age of three. Years later, under the teachings of the dancer Reyes León she passed the tests of the Conservatory of Seville for the professional degree. She participates in several events and performances such as the show "Ilusiones" for the Ballet Flamenco Junior directed by the bailaor Sergio González or the collaboration in "Eclipse: viaje de ida y vuelta", directed by Francis Núñez. Noelia has received classes from great figures such as Rubén Olmos, Ana Moya, Farruquito, Pastora Galván, Manuel Liñán and La Lupi among others. As main teacher Noelia del Rocío points to José Galván. Noelia del Rocío has received several internal awards from the Seville Conservatory and has participated in different shows and theatres such as "Leyendas" and "De Sevilla a Nueva York" in France.






Son of the famous guitarist “El Nani”, he has played for the most famous flamenco artists, has been a guitarist for the Spanish National Ballet and has also collaborated on numerous albums. He is currently working with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona. At 14 he began his professional career accompanying no less than Lola Flores and Merche Esmeralda. Later he joined the company of Antonio Canales in the works of Torero or Gitano.




A young guitarist born in Barcelona into a family of flamenco artists, he began his career at the age of 14. He has played for prominent figures such as Montse Cortés and Farruquito and his career seems unstoppable.




Israel Cerreduela has worked with prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras and Enrique Morente, among others. He was born in the flamenco quarter of Cañoroto in Madrid like other flamenco artists like David El Viejín, Gerónimo, La Excepción .






Fabiola Pérez Rodríguez was born in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz).  She studied at the Cristina Heeren Foundation with José de la Tomasa, Paco Taranto and Esperanza Fernández.  This great cantaora has sung for great figures of the dance and develops to perfection in the “cantes de compás”.  As well as having performed with Cristina Hoyos’ company, she has performed in almost all the tablaos in Spain and has sung at festivals and theatres all over the world.  In 2018 La Fabi releases her album “Fruto y Flores”.  




This Catalan cantaor from the Bon Pastor neighbourhood has been surrounded by flamenco since he was a child, his grandfather being the first cousin of the Porrina. He trained as a professional cantaor in Tablao Flamenco Cordobés working with great artists such as Karime Amay, la Susi, Pastora Galván, Manuel Tañé or Antonio Vilar.




José Manuel Doya, “Zambullo”, returns to Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. With Jerez roots and pure, gypsy, heartfelt singing. The cantaor has toured the most important halls and theatres in Spain and has performed with artists such as Joaquín Cortés, Antonio Canales, Farru, Pastora Galván and Rubén Olmos among others.




Juan ‘Juanelo’ was born in 1998 in Los Palacios and Villafranca, Seville, and is the descendant of a family of flamenco singers. One of his most latent qualities is the purity that resides in the blood of the Orta de Los Palacios y Villafranca family. His singing is austere, sober and deeply orthodox, while his mirror is always the singing of Utrera, Lebrija and Morón, from which his singing idols originate.  At his young age, he was already requested by great figures of flamenco such as José Galván, Salvador Távora, Pastora Galván and María Pages, among many others. Between 2016 and 2017 he was forged for a year at La Carbonera in Seville and in recent years has shared the stage with artists such as Enrique el Extremeño, Antonio Moya, Mari Peña, Miguel Ortega, José Galván, Cristina Hoyos, Pepa Montes and Ricardo Miño, among others. 


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