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January in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona with Hugo López, Karime Amaya, Águeda Saavedra, Carlos Carbonell and Sara Barrero

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In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes we welcome 2017 with enthusiasm and renewed strength. One more year, we continue our commitment to authentic and high quality flamenco and we start this new period with a lineup of authentic luxury:

In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes we welcome 2017 with enthusiasm and renewed strength. One more year, we continue our commitment to authentic and high quality flamenco and we start this new period with a lineup of authentic luxury:

Starting with the dance, Hugo López will continue with us until the 21st. This charismatic bailaor returned to Cordobes last December after three years as a soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. Passionate bailaor and dancer, his mastery of classical technique opens the door to a multitude of techniques and new aesthetics for flamenco while he keeps the roots of most traditional flamenco. It is still remembered in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes his furious dance by farruca (a type of flamenco) with which he astonished the whole public in his last visit to this scene.

Secondly, and only until December 10, we will be fortunate to have the infinite passion and art of Karime Amaya, grandaughter- niece of Carmen Amaya and a dancer of international prestige, will be in the tablao. Her dance oozes strength and temperament and her art has already dazzled viewers and half-world critics. Cities like New York, Tokyo, Albuquerque, Quito, New Mexico, Madrid or Mont-de-Marsan are just some of the places that have already fallen yielded at her feet.

We return to the south, specifically to Cadiz, from where comes our next bailaor Carlos Carbonell. His family, fond of flamenco, awoke in him his love for this art since a very young age. Despite his youth Carlos maintains an unstoppable trajectory that has led him to act in companies of the stature of Manuela Carrasco, Sara Baras, Rafael Amargo, Eva La Hierbabuena, Carlos Santana and Olga Pericet, among many others. In addition to acting in the big companies, Carlos also works with his own projects as Acompasa2 or 8 codes. He will tread the tables of the tablao from January 9th to 20th.

We present during this month also one of the youngest flamenco beads of Malaga, Águeda Saavedra (1st-8th). Born in Nerja (Málaga), she is the winner of the first prize of the Dance Contest of Ribarroja del Turia. She was also took twice to the dance company of the famous choreographer Antonio Najarro. Thanks to this, she entered into the elite of flamenco dance, collaborating with figures such as Manuel Liñán or Pericet in their shows. Habitual already in the best tablaos of Spain, she is one of the majors promises of her generation.

We also present for this month a representative of the flamenco force in Catalonia. Inés Rubio, native to Tarragona, she has worked eventually in different tablaos of the Spanish geography, among which is Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona, ​​and in Seville in flamenco groups like Torres Macarena, Cantes al aire, among many more. In 2014 she won the first prize in the international contest of “Anilla la gitana” in Ronda and was a semifinalist in the prestigious international singing contest of the Mines of the Union. These last two years she has been teaching in Japan and acting in different cities. Currently she travels across the peninsula with the show “POR LA VEREA” accompanying the dance to the great figure Enrique el Extremeño while she alternates her performances in the main tablaos with courses across different provinces of Spain.

As the last soloist of the cast, although not less important, we present once again Maria del Mar Fernández. Cantaora from Cadiz, she made her professional debut when she was 14-year-old and has already gone through a multitude of stages from all over the world. In 2011 she made the leap to fame after playing a theme song titled “Miss” for a Bollywood film titled “ZNMD”, with a huge reception in India. This fame led her to produce her well-known album “Una gaditana en Bollywood”.

Cast of musicians from Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona



Antonio Santiago, better known as “Ñoño”, is a young guitarist who has already accompanied the main figures of flamenco. In 2008, he won the First Prize as a solo guitarist in the Utrera contest. He has played in many countries, including Dubai and Russia and is now part of one of the most important companies in the flamenco world “Re e ncuentro” with Manuela Carrasco and Antonio Canales.

Manuel Cazas

One of the best guitarists accompanying dance and flamenco singing, his great experience and versatility have opened him the doors to the most important flamenco scene in the world. He has also composed musical pieces for numerous shows and has performed in many countries such as USA, China, Japan, Sweden, France, England, Turkey, Taiwan or Lebanon.

Eugenio Santiago

Versatile guitarist, he is one of the most promising young guitarist of the flamenco guitar in Barcelona. He has a great rhythm sense and he is already able to accompany all the types of flamenco. He has already been recognized with several prizes, among which we can highlight the second prize of the international contest of Hospitalet and also the first prize to the best accompaniment to cante por bulerías (a type of flamenco).


Morenito de Illora

Camarón de la Isla, sponsored him in one of those flamenco festivals that were organized at the end of the decade of the 70.

Morenito de Illora, brings together all the virtues that a cantaor must have: temper, courage, power, knowledge, compass and sensitivity, if this is joined by his admiration for Antonio Chaqueta and Manolo Caracol, makes an explosive cocktail. The good metal of his voice and his out-of-the-ordinary compass has opened many doors and he has started his solo career, recording 4 CDs and very important collaborations.

Juan Manzano “Coco”

Natural of San Roc, it is probably one of the most flamenco voices of Barcelona. Authentic and with flamenco in his DNA, he accompanies him wherever he goes. Add to this a prodigious voice, capable of a temperamental cante, rich with evocative memories and overflowing naturalness. It is a whole institution of flamenco in Barcelona and it never ceases to amaze us year after year.

Antonio Campos Bocaillo

Born in Barcelona, ​​in the neighborhood of Bon Pastor, he grew up in a flamenco environment. He was formed as a professional singer in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, working with great artists such as Karime Amaya, Susi, Pastora Galván, Jesús Carmona, Angelita Montoya, Guadiana, Junco, Farru, Patricia Guerrero, José Maya, Alfonso Losa, Marcos Flowers, Olga Pericet or la Moneta. He polished his talent by the hand of great cantaores like Manuel Tañé, Antonio Villar, Rubio de Pruna or the Coco.

Manuel Tañé

This month we are also lucky to have Manuel Tañé, an authentic gypsy cantaor from Jerez de la Frontera. His singing has been defined as “wild” by artists and critics. Manuel takes that rating with pride since his way of expressing flamenco has an ancestral appeal, an atavistic sense seldom heard.

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Dear customer, esteemed friend, unknown flamenco fan,
The historic and romantic nature of flamenco as a popular creation that started to become known in the middle of the XIXth century, mentioned by romanticist writers visiting Spain in their narrations, have placed this musical genre in the circles of culture and literature, while at the same time the show business has transformed it into a product for mass consumption completely deformed. The harmful influence that massive tourism has brought to promoters, producers and artists is widely known, far from the necessary aesthetics and education to be considered a part of flamenco culture. The calculated premeditation they act with, justifying their actions claiming that the tourist “doesn’t know” or “doesn’t understand”, should be answered that they are the ones that are inadequate for flamenco.
Faced with this situation, the traveler and everyone interested in authentic popular culture has to confront the challenge of not letting anyone fool them. Unfortunately, the adequate source of knowledge is not advertising, not even the one offered by new technologies: We live in a society intoxicated with identical slogans.
Tablao Flamenco Cordobes can give you some tips:
The management of a tablao, like a pharmacy, has to be in the hands of artists or experts, true flamenco fans at the very least. They are easy to find in Madrid and a bit harder in Barcelona.
The historic tablaos offer you a picture of their shared memories with the greatest masters of flamenco, some with a selected cast with the best performers.
Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is together with these historic tablaos whose owners were artists and have lived its deepest nature and, apart from a long list of masters part of flamenco history, are one of the very few that have kept updating their shows throughout the years, bringing to their stage top performers, flamenco legends and young talents discovered by them.
Another characteristic of our stage is that we manage to bring them together at the same time, creating unique shows with the highest level of quality, only found in our stage and in the most important flamenco festivals.
Dear customer, we don’t want to be the ones to tell you:
Ask the flamenco fans and experts: They will tell you what Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is.


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