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Pol Vaquero, Claudia Cruz and Begoña Arce

From 16 March to 11 April

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Pol Vaquero (From 16 March to 8 April)

Pol Vaquero is a dancer born in Cordoba and trained in the Royal Conservatory of that city. The artist has a wide professional career as the soloist dancer of the National Ballet with works such as "Galaica" or "Ritmos" or in companies such as Vicente Amigo or Antonio Canales. He also participated in the project "Jóvenes del Siglo XXI" by Tablao Flamenco Cordobes with Amador Rojas, Rocío Molina and Mónica Fernández among other flamenco artists. Between 2015 and 2019 he is part of "Titanium", Carlos Rodríguez's company. Pol Vaquero is a bailaor who has performed in countries such as China, Brazil, Japan, Portugal and Israel, among others, as well as travelling all over Spain. 


Claudia Cruz

Claudia Cruz is a dancer born in Cadiz who started dancing flamenco at the age of five. At the age of ten she began her Ballet and Classical classes at the Cibayi Dance Academy, directed by Charo Cruz. The bailaora has received flamenco classes from artists such as Juana Amaya, Javier Latorre, Israel Galván, Rafaela Carrasco, La Chana or Belén Maya and performed with flamenco artists such as Sara Baras, La Moneta, El Junco, David Palomar, Rosario Toledo or Enrique El Extremeño. She has also acted as guest artist in Niña Pastori and Rancanpino shows and as first dancer in Antonio El Pipa's company between 2008 and 2012. In 2012 she presented her show "Claudia Cruz" at the Bicentennial of the Cortes de Cádiz. In 2013 she participates as a soloist in the Festival de Jerez with the show "Vivencias" with Antonio El Pipa and in the show "En la Raíz del Flamenco" with artists such as Farruquito, Remedios Amaya, Juan de Juan or Pastora Galván. Claudia Cruz has also performed in countries such as the United States, Poland and Japan, among others. 




Begoña Arce

Cadiz-born Begoña Arce began her studies at the age of eight with flamenco masters such as Antonio Canales, Israel Galván, Alejandro Granados and Eva La Hierbabuena, among others. When he was 12 years old he received the prize of the Atlantic Dance Festival and took part in the show "Los caminos del flamenco" by Charo Cruz's company. In 2003 she went on a European tour with the Andalusian Tourist Board representing Cadiz at the Berlin Flamenco Festival.  Begoña Arce is a dancer who has worked with Cristina Hoyos in Paris and Beijing in the show "Poema del Cante Jondo" and with Antonio El Pipa in the "New World Flamenco Festival" in Los Angeles, in the IV Edition of "Nuits Flamencas" in Chateauvallon or in the XVI Edition of the Bienal de Sevilla among other venues. In 2014 he participates in the show of Adela and Rafael Campallo in the Bienal de Sevilla and Festival de Jerez and in 2015 he is classified as a finalist in the Festival Internacional del Cante de Las Minas. Begoña Arce also works individually as a choreographer, protagonist and director of her own shows such as "Mirando al Otro", "Flamenco en el Tablao", "Al Compás de la Palabra" and "Sonata para un Cuerpo".



Sara Barrero

Sara Barrero, a regular dancer in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, began her career at the age of 16. She has danced in numerous national and international festivals such as the flamenco festivals of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nimes in France or the US Flamenco Festival among many others and has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto or Eva La Yerbabuena. It should be noted that in the Festival Jóvenes Valores of the city of L'Hospitalet, rising as the first prize Carmen Amaya.



Tete Fernández

Ricardo Fernández, "El Tete", is a young bailaor born in 2000 in the bosom of a gypsy family (he is the younger brother of the bailaor Miguel Fernández "El Yiyo"), despite his youth he has earned a place in the field of flamenco dancing. The strength and elegance of Ricardo Fernández's dance is taking him to the top. "El Tete" shows great artistic maturity in his performances, in which he has always been surrounded by great flamenco artists. In recent years "El Tete" has already performed as a resident in flamenco halls and festivals. Among the references and influences that Ricardo Fernández has grown up with are Joaquín Cortés, José Maya, Farruquito and his brother "El Yiyo".



Pol Vaquero, Claudia Cruz, Begoña Arce and Davinia Jaén

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes





David Cerreduela

Son of the famous guitarist “El Nani”, he has played for the most famous flamenco artists, he has been guitarist of the National Ballet of Spain and has also collaborated in numerous albums. He is currently working with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona.




Young guitarist born in Barcelona in the bosom of a family of flamenco artists, he began his career at the age of 14. He has played for outstanding figures such as Montse Cortés or Farruquito and his career seems unstoppable.



Israel Cerreduela

Israel Cerreduela has worked with prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras and Enrique Morente, among others. He was born in the flamenco quarter of Cañoroto in Madrid as well as other flamenco artists such as David El Viejín, Gerónimo, La Excepción…







Davinia Jaén

Davinia Jaén is a cantaora born into a family of flamenco fans. The cantaora began her career with 14 years in Jerez in numerous tablaos and peñas of the city. Over the years she has grown professionally performing in numerous festivals and tablaos such as Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, El Flamenco de Tokio, Los Gallos de Sevilla or Las Tablas in Madrid. He was also part of the Spanish ballet performing in countries such as USA, Russia, Israel, Mexico, China, Turkey and Brazil among others. In 2014 he forms part of the project “Eterno Camarón”.



Miguel Rosendo

The flamenco singer Miguel Rosendo began his professional career in peñas such as La Peña La Perla, La Peña Juanito Villar, La Peña Enrique El Mellizo. The artist, cantaor in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, moved to Japan for approximately 4 years, where he worked in the company of Yoko Komatsubara and other Japanese companies. When he returned to Spain, he worked with great flamenco artists such as Cristina Hoyos, Javier Barón, Antonio El Pipa, Israel Galván, Andrés Peña and Edu Guerrero, among others, with whom he toured numerous theatres and festivals in Spain and all over the world, such as Japan, Israel, France, Italy, the USA and Chile.



Antonio Campos “Bocaillo”.

This Catalan cantaor from the Bon Pastor neighbourhood has been surrounded by flamenco since his grandfather was Porrina’s cousin. He trained as a professional cantaor in Tablao Flamenco Cordobés working with great artists such as Karime Amay, la Susi, Pastora Galván, Manuel Tañé or Antonio Vilar.



José Manuel Doya “Zambullo”.

He returns to the historic tablao of La Rambla “El Zambullo” which is a young cantaor (flamenco singer) raised in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Verdum. He has Jerez roots and pure, gipsy and heart-felt vocals. With all the echo of Jerez and an excellent soniquete. Shortly after turning 20, Zambullo undertook a trip to Madrid with the company of Joaquín Cortés. During that time he performed practically all the tablaos of the capital, including the most important such as Casa Patas, Carboneras or Corral de la Morería. After a few years he began to work at the Ballet Andaluz, where he met Antonio Canales, Pastora Galván and Rubén Olmos. Together with them he worked for a year performing in cities such as Madrid and the Alhambra in Granada.



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