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Flamenco filled January

From 5th January to 31st January

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Pol Vaquero

Pol Vaquero is a dancer born in Cordoba and trained at the Royal Conservatory of that city. The artist has an extensive professional career as a soloist dancer of the National Ballet with works such as "Galaica" or "Ritmos" or in companies such as Vicente Amigo or Antonio Canales. He also participated in the project "Jóvenes del Siglo XXI" of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes with Amador Rojas, Rocío Molina and Mónica Fernández among other flamenco artists. Between 2015 and 2019 he was part of "Titanium", a company run by Carlos Rodríguez. Pol Vaquero is a dancer who has performed in countries such as China, Brazil, Japan, Portugal and Israel among others, as well as all over Spain.




Inés Rubio

Inés Rubio is a dancer who began her training in Tarragona at the hands of Jaime Cala and who at an early age decided to continue her education at the Tani Academy in Barcelona. At the age of 28 she settled in Seville and continued her career with great masters such as Eva la Yerbabuena, Juana Amaya, Farruquito, among many others... She has toured the most important flamenco tablaos in Spain and performed in Japan with Enrique el Extremeño and Juan José Amador. In 2019 she headed the bill with Farruquito, Belén López, Alfonso Losa and Jesús Carmona in the show "La Cumbre del Baile" that opened in Seville.




Karime Amaya

Karime Amaya, a member of the Amaya family, is the niece of Carmen Amaya, La Capitana, the most famous dancer of all time. The dancer made her debut at the age of nine and since then her artistic career has been growing, performing at festivals and theatres around the world such as the United States, Japan, Mexico, France and the most important flamenco festivals in Spain, among many other places. Furthermore, last November 2018 Karime Amaya premiered her own show at the SAT Teatre in Barcelona: La Fuente.







La Tana (from 7 to 31 January)


La Tana is a Sevillian singer who began her career at the age of thirteen. She quickly became famous and travelled the world for three years with the dance companies of Joaquín Cortés, Farruquito and Antonio Canales. Some time later, Paco de Lucía heard her singing in a Sevillian bar and signed her up. La Tana’s voice took on even more importance and she participated in several record projects such as ‘Cositas Buenas’ (2004) and in 2005 her first solo record was released ‘Tú ven a mí’, produced by Paco de Lucía himself. Since then, he has toured the most important festivals and stages in Spain and abroad.





Juan Manzano “El Coco”


Born in San Roc, he is probably one of the most flamenco voices in Barcelona. Authentic and with flamenco in his DNA. He also has a prodigious voice, capable of temperamental singing, rich in evocative memories and overflowing naturalness. Juan is a flamenco institution in Barcelona and he never ceases to surprise us year after year.



Luis El Granaíno

Born into a family of artists from Granada, he began to perform throughout Barcelona. His first tour was in Azerbaijan with the company Tuto, Iván Alcalá and Juaquín el Duende, among others. He has performed with artists such as Antonio Canales, Saray García and Rafael Amargo, Barullo and Farruquito in the Sala Apolo. He also collaborated with Duquende in the recording of the album Kantata. He has a pure and gypsy style and is a specialist in Soleá, Seguiriya and Fandango.




El Quini de Jerez

Joaquín Marín Flores, known artistically as “El Quini de Jerez”, is a cantaor who throughout his career has worked with internationally renowned flamenco artists such as Tomasa Guerrero “La Macanita”, Fernando Terremoto, Elu de Jerez and Merchora Ortega among others. In El Lagar de Parrilla, one of the most emblematic places in Jerez, he began as a cantaor and began his performances in peñas, festivals and competitions. A year later, El Quini de Jerez won the first prize in the Concurso de Cantes por Bulería de Jerez. After great success, he began to sing in the company of Antonio Gades and travelled all over the world through countries such as the United States, France, London, Morocco and Brazil.







Israel Cerreduela

Israel Cerreduela has worked with prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras and Enrique Morente, among others. He was born in the flamenco quarter of Cañoroto in Madrid like other flamenco artists like David El Viejín, Gerónimo, La Excepción .




Antonio Santiago Ñoño

Antonio Santiago, better known artistically as Ñoño, is the son of the renowned singer “Enrique El Extremeño”. At the age of 12 he began his training at the Fundación de Cristina, taking classes with artists such as Miguel Ángel Cortés, Manolo Franco and Pedro Sierra, among others. At the age of 16 he made his first tour with the Junta de Andalucía in Costa Rica and began to work in the most important tablaos in Spain. In 2004 she toured Japan with artists such as Pepe Torres and Juana Amaya, among many others, and continued to do so every year until 2013. He also accompanies Farruquito in the Primavera Flamenca Festival and other artists such as Antonio Canales, Farru, Manuela Carrasco, Juana del Revuelo, Cañete de Málaga or La Tana among others. In 2008 he won first prize as a solo guitarist at the Utrera Chair of Flamencology competition.


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