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Carmela Riqueni

Born in Seville, Triana in 1989, in the heart of a family of artists such as Rafael Riqueni and Maria Jimenez. From the hand of Matilde Coral began her interest as a professional in this art, with 17 years was awarded a scholarship by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, where for two years she learned from great masters.


She studied with Juan de los Reyes the technique of zapateado, has received several courses by “Farruquito” Pepe Torres, Ruben Olmos and Rocio Molina, among other great dance professionals. Her first professional appearance, which stands out as an important personal event, was in the Torres Macarena flamenco club where she performed in a tribute to the Sevillian dancer Angelita Vargas. She has danced in some tablaos in the capital of Seville, Madrid and Granada. In 2016 she performed as dance troupe in the Farruquito’s Cía broadcasted on canal sur for the Bienal of Seville. This same year she also joined the Flamencos por el Mundo Company with the show (La sirenita entre mares andaluces) that would premiere in the Biennial, thus starting a tour of different Spanish theaters.


In 2018 she participated in a tour of the Romí Flamenco Festival in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, along with José Maya, José Soto Sorderita, Jorge Pardo and Josemi Carmona among other great artists. That same year she toured Morocco in the film festival of Tetouan and Casa Blanca television with the artist Jalal Chekara, in 2019 she creates her first show with two other companions “Atracciones”, it is pre-released in Seville in March 2019, at the end of this year she travels to Japan to teach classes for two months. In pandemia she prepares choreographies for Rafael Riqueni.


Traditional Gastronomy Tour

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