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Juan Tomás

The bailaor Juan Tomás de La Molía was born on 23 February 2000 in Trebujena, Cádiz. At the age of six he began to take classes at the Peña Cernícalos in Jerez de la Frontera, where he learned a lot about dancing bulerías. In 2007, at only seven years old, the dancer Carmen Cortés asked him to perform at the end of a show in the Jardines de Sabatini in Madrid, where he received a standing ovation from the audience. In 2009 she left her classes in Jerez to join the Academia Sevillana José Galván, where she began to train in different flamenco palos. That same year he participated in the show ‘En clave de Sol’. 



In 2010 he was chosen to form part of the cast of the thirteen best flamenco children in Andalusia to participate in the television programme “Mi Primer Olé”, directed by Paco Lobatón and presented by Pastora Soler. In 2013 he was chosen as the dance troupe for the first edition of the television programme “Se llama Copla Junior”. That same year he received private lessons from Farruquito. 



The following year, in 2014, she won a flamenco scholarship to receive intensive classes for a month with Javier Barón and Milagros Mengíbar at the Fundación Sevillana Cristina Heeren. 



In 2016 he won the second prize in the Andalusian Flamenco Youth Competition of the Federation of Flamenco Clubs of Seville. That same year he began to participate as a bailaor (flamenco dancer) with the Banda Morisca, with which he would tour Europe in 2017. 



2018 is a component between 9 and 12 February together with Manolo Marín and Pascual Lorca of the flamenco show ‘Entre Generaciones’ that took place in the Peña Flamenca Al-Toná and Los Cabales in Hamburg, Germany. From the 10th to the 25th of March he travels through America with the Banda Morisca performing in cities such as New York, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, San Antonio and Havana. On July 12 he won the first prize in the Manolo Soler dance contest, an international dance contest of the Cristina Hereen Foundation for Flamenco Art. 



Juan Tomás wins the Acciona Flamenco Dance Scholarship for the 2018/2019 academic year at the Cristina Heeren Foundation, receiving both theoretical and practical classes from great masters such as Javier Barón, Milagros Mengíbar, El Choro, Rubén Olmo, etc…



In 2019 he wins the first prize in the Andalusian Young Flamenco Competition of the Federation of Flamenco Clubs of Seville. From September 2018 to date she has been in Triana at the Cristina Heeren Flamenco Foundation, cultivating and enriching herself with what she likes to do most and what gives meaning to her life. 



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