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flamenco Dancer

Miguel “El Rubio”

Miguel Ángel Ramos, best known as Miguel "El Rubio", is a young Sevillian dancer who has grown up surrounded by Flamenco Art, touring from his childhood around places managed by important artists such as Manolo Caracol and "La Niña de Los Peines".

He debuted with only 5 years in the show “Los Gnomos del Flamenco” directed by Antonio Fernández Montoya “Farru”. And at the age of 8 he participated in the show “Triana Pura” of the Seville Biennial, one of the world’s most important flamenco festivals.

Throughout his career he has traveled throughout the Spanish geography acting with the Fernandez Family, Ricardo Miño, Farruco, Rocio Molina, Remedios Amaya, Pastora Galván and “La Argentina”, among many others.

Among all his permormances we can highlight:
2005- Leading role in the “Flamenco de Raza” Show with the singer Curro Fernández in Clôitre Nazaire de Bézièrs (France and Switzerland)
2007-Spectacle “Diquela” of “El Oruco” (Antwerp-Belgium)
2008- Show “Diquela” of “El Oruco” (Athens- Greece)
2008- XV Bienal de Flamenco with the Shows “+ Young + Flamenco” and “Peñas de Guardia” obtaining the “Young Flamenco” award (Teatro Alameda Sevilla Spain)
2010- Show “Danzaora” with Bailaora Rocío Molina (Cuevas de Nerja-Málaga)
2010- “Binatica” show with Bailaora Roció Molina (France-Cádiz)
2011- Festival of Cante Grande by Casabermeja accompanying Bailaora Carmen Ledesma and singer Manuel Moreno Maya “El Pele” (Málaga)
2011- “Yagori” Gypsy Music Festival (Oslo, Noriega)
2011- Festival Mont de Marsan, “Danzaora” by Bailaora Roció Molina (France)
2011- Festival “Andalusí” music of the Cantaora Esperanza Fernández (Casablanca-Morocco)
2011- Casa patas with Bailaor “El Oruco” and Cantaor Juan José Amador Jr. (Madrid-Spain)
2012- Bienal Del Flamenco, “Triana Toca, Canta, Baila” with Paco Taranto, Carmelilla Montoya, Remedios Amaya, Juan José Amador (Seville- Spain)
2013-Show with Bailaora Pastora Galván (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain)
2014- International Festival “WOMAD” with the Cantaora “La Argentina” (Fuerteventura- Spain)
2015-International Flamenco Festival, Tribute PACO DE LUCIA (Japan)


Miguel El Rubio, Paloma Fantova and Karime Amaya