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In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes we welcome a very fresh, cheerful and roguish August. Another month with elite artists that will make the archs of Barcelona's historical tablao tremble.

In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes we welcome a very fresh, cheerful and roguish August. Another month with elite artists that will make the archs of Barcelona’s historical tablao tremble.

We present Chelo Soto for the first time in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. The singer from Málaga, known by her rythmic songs, even if she has a much wider repertoire, sings regularly in many “peñas” (flamenco associations), festivals and recitals both national and international and has worked with great artists such as Joaquín Cortés, for example. She is one of the best flamenco female voices of the moment.

Comes back after a year away from Barcelona the cheerfulness from Cádiz with el Junco. He has been the first dancer of Cristina Hoyos Dance Company for many years, performing in the shows “Caminos Andaluces”, “Arsa y Toma”, “Al Compás del Tiempo”, “Tierra Dentro”, “Tiempo y Compás” and “Yerma”. This last show was performed with the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet, also directed by the well-known Cristina Hoyos. He entered as well as the first dancer and choreographer, and stayed from 2005 until 2007 with the shows “Viaje al Sur” and “Romancero Gitano”. In 2007 he starts producing his own shows, performing in theatres and festivals all over the world, such as the Jerez Festival, the Ciutat Vella Festival, the la Vilette Flamenco Festival or important international city festivals in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Milano, Toronto or Florence.

With him comes back as well the elegance and presence of Susana Casas, from Seville. She has been the first dancer in Cristina Hoyos Dance Company as well for many years and has worked in other prestigious companies, such as Mario Maya’s or the Andalusian Flamenco ballet. She has performed with many great artists, such as Pedro Sierra, Alejandro Granados or Curro Vélez and has an appearance in the film Flamenco, directed by the famed film maker Carlos Saura. She has received many prizes and awards, and among those stand out the Farolillo de Oro from Seville, the 1st National Prize “Matilde Coral” (Barcelona), the 2nd National Prize to Alegrías Dance, the 1st Prize to the best free dance (Cádiz) or the 2nd Prize in the International Festival of Cante de las Minas.

Karime Amaya and Yiyo extend their performances in the tablao for anther month. The first in the peak level of her career, and custody of the racial essences of her grandmother, the great Carmen, comes after her success in the Suma Flamenca Festival in Madrid. And the latter after making himself known to the public in Madrid through the same festival, the Suma Flamenca Festival, where he has been the young revelation of the festival, appearing on the national channel news.

With them, our cast of great professinals, stars in any theatre in the world: Sara Barrero, David Cerreduela, Israel Cerreduela, Tuto, Juan Manzano “Coco”, Antonio Campos “Bocaillo” and José de la Miguela.


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