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August 2016 in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

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August is already here, Las Ramblas are overflowing with people and the weather is so hot that it seems you are going to melt. But don't worry, among this summertime environment Tablao Flamenco Cordobes offers you an oasis with the best Mediterranean Food and a first class flamenco show.

August is already here, Las Ramblas are overflowing with people and the weather is so hot that it seems you are going to melt. But don’t worry, among this summertime environment Tablao Flamenco Cordobes offers you an oasis with the best Mediterranean Food and a first class flamenco show.


We start with Jesus Carmona, who will be at the Tablao from 2nd to 30th August. This Catalan flamenco dancer is the main artist in the most important flamenco theatres and festivals around the world. He has been first dancer in the National Ballet of Spain for 5 years and he abandoned that place because he wanted to show a most personal side of himself. Jesus has shared the stage with first class flamenco artists and he has been polishing his dance with his enthusiasm and hard work since he was a kid. Jesus combines a prodigious technique with his own and original aesthetic. He has mastered the complicated and different flamenco registers and, being now in the pinnacle of his career, he has been considered during years one of the most valuated dancers and choreographs of the world.

Let’s go now with his teammate on the scenario, Karime Amaya. If this is your first approach to flamenco it’s possible that her name doesn’t ring any bell for you. In this case, we could present her as a distinguished dancer known all over the world. She has an enormous strenght and temperant that always dazzles the audience when she unleashes them on the stage. Cities like New York, Tokio, Alburquerque, Quito, Nuevo México, Madrid or Mont-deMarsan are just some of the places where she has already performed.

She is the granddaughter-niece of Carmen Amaya, the greatest ever flamenco dancer of any time. Karime has collaborated with the most important artists of this century and this month she will be exclusively at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona.

Following with dancers, this month we are lucky enough to count on with the presence of Yiyo, one the young promises of flamenco dance who most is making people talk. He was born in Badalona and his parents are gypsy people from Jaen. Miguel Fernández “Yiyo” complements his passion for flamenco with a classic and contemporary dance education. All this, plus his athletic explosiveness, allows him to unleash all his art and temperament over a solid dancing technique. The result is an authentic show of an unquestionable quality.

Completing the dancing team, Lucia Campillo comes back with us this month. She was educated in the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Madrid and in the Estudio de Ballet Nacional de España. She has been instructed by masters as distinguished as Antonio Canales or Milagros Menjíbar. She was first dancer of the National Ballet of Spain during 3 years and, in 2013, she joined the company Rojas y Rodríguez and made an international tour. Currently she keeps dazzling the audience on scenarios all over the world.

The last days of this month (from 25th to 31st) Belen López will step on the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes stage. Born in Tarragona, she has represented Spain several times in the Feria Internacional de Turismo. She was also educated in classic dance and she is famous for making the most spectacular acrobatics without losing any authenticity nor flamenco aesthetic.


We have already presented our dancers, but this doesn’t end here. Because… ¿what would be flamenco dance without the guitar?

Our Tablao is famous around the world for bringing, since its foundation in 1970, the greatest flamenco artists of the moment. And this also includes the guitarists. This month we are counting on 3 distinguished flamenco guitarists:

David Cerreduela, son of the great guitarist “El Nani”, has played for the best flamenco artists, he has accompanied Enrique Morente for several years and he has been main guitarist in the National Ballet of Spain. He has also collaborated in music albums of Diego el Cigala, Manolo Tena, Guadiana and Antonio Carmona.

Alongside David, this month we also count on with Manuel Cazas, famous for being one of the greatest guitarist specialist in accompaniment for flamenco dance and sing. He has also composed music for many festivals and has performed in theatres around the world.

Completing the guitar trio, Joni Jiménez comes also this month to mesmerize the audience, one more time. He was born into a family of artists and he continues with the Cañotorro “School”, the great source of guitarists from Madrid. Joni dives into flamenco with different music jazz methodologies.


Having mentioned already the dance and music line up artists, now it’s time for the singers, the third pillar of an authentic flamenco show.

Educated in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes and born in Catalonia, the Singers El Coco and Bocaíllo come back to our stage. They both have tremendous voices that resound with strenght and talent on the walls of our tablao.

Accompanying them, this month we count on Manuel de la Curra, a singer who has won many awards of saetas singing and who has performed in the greatest theatres of the world. From Russia to Japan, From Brasil to Kazajistan, among many others.

As a novelty, the young singer Ismael “El Bola” comes to Barcelona to perform for the first time in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. He was born into a long flamenco tradition family and, despite his young age, he has already performed in international theatres and this month he comes to our tablao to demonstrate he is capable of performing with the bests.

Finally, the feminine touch in the sing will be in charge of Manuela Santiago. She was born into a family of distinguished artists and she was educated for flamenco by his father since she was a child. Manuela has learned flamenco in the theatres of Sevilla and this month we will count on her art for the first time.

Here comes an August full of stars and talent. Don’t miss it!

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Dear customer, esteemed friend, unknown flamenco fan,
The historic and romantic nature of flamenco as a popular creation that started to become known in the middle of the XIXth century, mentioned by romanticist writers visiting Spain in their narrations, have placed this musical genre in the circles of culture and literature, while at the same time the show business has transformed it into a product for mass consumption completely deformed. The harmful influence that massive tourism has brought to promoters, producers and artists is widely known, far from the necessary aesthetics and education to be considered a part of flamenco culture. The calculated premeditation they act with, justifying their actions claiming that the tourist “doesn’t know” or “doesn’t understand”, should be answered that they are the ones that are inadequate for flamenco.
Faced with this situation, the traveler and everyone interested in authentic popular culture has to confront the challenge of not letting anyone fool them. Unfortunately, the adequate source of knowledge is not advertising, not even the one offered by new technologies: We live in a society intoxicated with identical slogans.
Tablao Flamenco Cordobes can give you some tips:
The management of a tablao, like a pharmacy, has to be in the hands of artists or experts, true flamenco fans at the very least. They are easy to find in Madrid and a bit harder in Barcelona.
The historic tablaos offer you a picture of their shared memories with the greatest masters of flamenco, some with a selected cast with the best performers.
Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is together with these historic tablaos whose owners were artists and have lived its deepest nature and, apart from a long list of masters part of flamenco history, are one of the very few that have kept updating their shows throughout the years, bringing to their stage top performers, flamenco legends and young talents discovered by them.
Another characteristic of our stage is that we manage to bring them together at the same time, creating unique shows with the highest level of quality, only found in our stage and in the most important flamenco festivals.
Dear customer, we don’t want to be the ones to tell you:
Ask the flamenco fans and experts: They will tell you what Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is.


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