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Encounters at the pinnacle of dance

From March 20th to April 5th

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José Maya The heart and elegance of José Maya also returns in March. Child prodigy born in a family of artists, began his career on stage at the Teatro Albéniz with only nine years old, sharing the stage with masters such as Antonio Canales, Juan Ramírez and Enrique Morente. Considered one of the most important flamenco artists in the world, he has worked with international music stars such as Marc Anthony, Björk and Beyoncé and has collaborated with the most important flamenco artists of recent years: Tomatito, Güito, Ketama, Estrella Morente, Belén Maya, the Farruco or Israel Galván, among many others. Juan de Juan At the end of March we will have the emblematic bailaor Juan de Juan. Born in Seville, Juan has participated in the most important shows on stages and tablaos throughout Spain, at international flamenco festivals and theater scenes such as City Center in New York, Champs Elysées in Paris, National Theater in Milan, National Theater of Costa Rica, Fine Arts Theater of Mexico, Teresa Carreño Theater of Venezuela, National Theater of Brasilia, Opera Theater of Poland, Bunkamura Orchard Hall Theater of Tokyo, Sadler's Wells Theater of London among many others. Karime Amaya In March we continue to count on the passion and the infinite art of Karime Amaya, niece-granddaughter of Carmen Amaya and a bailaora of consolidated international prestige. Her dance exudes strength and temperament and her art has already dazzled viewers and critics from around the world. Cities like New York, Tokyo, Alburquerque, Quito, New Mexico, Madrid or Mont-de-Marsan are just some of the places that have already fallen at their feet.

David Cerreduela
Son of the famous guitarist “El Nani”, he has played for the most famous flamenco artists, has been guitarist of the National Ballet of Spain and has also collaborated on numerous albums. He is currently working with Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona.

Young guitarist born in Barcelona in a family of flamenco artists, began his career at age 14. He has played for leading figures such as Montse Cortés or Farruquito and his career seems unstoppable.

Eugenio Santiago
A versatile guitarist, he is one of the most promising young flamenco guitar players in Barcelona. He has a great flamenco style and is now able to accompany all flamenco styles. Eugenio has already been recognized with several awards, among which we can highlight the second prize of the international competition of Hospitalet and also the first prize for the best accompaniment to cante por bulerías.

Manuel Tañé
This month, we are also lucky to have Manuel Tañé, an authentic gypsy singer from Jerez de la Frontera. His cante has been defined as “wild” by artists and critics. Manuel carries that qualification with pride because his way of expressing flamenco has an ancestral appeal, an atavistic sense rarely heard.

Mara Rey
Born on March 9, 1979 in Madrid, at an early age began to take the first steps in Mexico in theaters such as Bellas Artes and Coba Rubia, along with his father Tony Rey (guitarist) and his brother Antonio Rey, renowned guitarist, concert organist, soloist and music creator for large companies. For years she has worked as a bailaora and cantaora with Manuela Carrasco, Los Farrucos, Poveda, el Pipa, Duquende, etc. and has performed at major festivals such as the Flamenco Biennial and the Festival de Jerez.

Juan Fernández

Ezequiel Montoya
Young Sevillian cantaor member of the Farruco clan. Raised from childhood surrounded by flamenco, he made his debut at the age of nine, and since then he has continued to sing in Spain and in countries such as Colombia, France or Portugal, accompanying cante to artists such as Manuela Carrasco, La Farruca and Raimundo. He feels a predilection for the Seguiriya, the Bulería and the Soleá, and, it is said, his cante transmits a lot of feeling while his voice cries very well.

Encounters at the Pinnacle of Dance

The heart and elegance of José Maya, child prodigy born in a family of artists, together with the emblematic bailaor Juan de Juan, born in Seville, and Karime Amaya, niece-granddaughter of Carmen Amaya , a bailaora of consolidated international prestige together on Tablao Flamenco Cordobes' historical stage. Welcome to the Encounters at the Pinnacle of Dance.


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