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Juan Fernández


He was born in Cádiz, the city where he began his studies of flamenco and Spanish classical. Throughout his artistic career he has been part of multiple companies with which he has toured around the world; such as the Charo Cruz company, the Chiqui de Jerez company, the Flamenco Ballet of Madrid, among others.


Angel Reyes


Flamenco dancer Ángel Reyes Montes, born in Córdoba on January 15, 1993, began dancing at the early age of three and at the age of nine began his elementary training at the Córdoba Professional Dance Conservatory. Throughout his career as a flamenco dancer he has participated in numerous shows throughout Spain and as a soloist at the National Theater of Jamaica. In addition, he has been part of different companies, including Álvaro Paños’ company, Jesús Carmona’s company and Jesús Carmona’s company.


La Yunko


Born in Kawasaki (Japan), she began learning to dance in Tokyo with AMI, then in 2002 she moved to Seville, where she furthered her studies with various teachers such as José Galván, El Torombo, Milagros Menjíbar, Carmen Ledesma, among others.

Later, she began to dance in public, in several flamenco clubs in Andalusia and theaters in Spain, in the Central Theater of Seville under Belén Maya and Rafaela Carrasco, Lope de Vega Theater of Seville under Esperanza Fernandez and Miguel Vargas, Expo Zaragoza 2008 and Madrid Theater with the Yoko Komatsubara Ballet Company.

She won the ̈ Sarmiento Flamenco Dance Award ̈ as the best dancer of the 2007 – 2008 season at the Peña Flamenca “La Parra Flamenca” in Huétor Vega (Granada). Since 2007, for a year and a half, she performed in front of a very knowledgeable audience at the Tertulia Flamenca “BADÍA” in Seville and during the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2008, as a bailaora in the parallel flamenco cycle “Peñas de Guardia”.

She won the 2nd Prize in the National Contest of Flamenco Art “Ciudad de Ubrique 2009”, and the 1st Prize in the National Contest of Singing, Dancing and Playing ̈Aniya la Gitana ̈de Ronda 2010. In the XVI National Contest of Dance by Alegrías in Cadiz she won 4th Prize and the Prize for the best choreography.

She participated as a soloist in XXXIII Flamenco Festival ̈Juan Talega ̈, sharing the bill with El Cabrero, Arcángel and Jesús Méndez. In 2018 she performed as a soloist in VI Festival TACON FLAMENCO UTRERA and XXII FESTIAL DE JEREZ. In 2019 she performed in the show ̈MUCHO ARTE ̈ at Teatro La Latina, Madrid, presented by Tito Losada and Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, sharing the bill with Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Carrete de Málaga, Tomasito and El Mistela among others. In July 2019 she performed at the Festival Caracolá de Lebrija as a soloist.

She currently teaches and dances professionally in Spain, China and Japan, respectively.


Salomé Humeau


Salome was born on February 21, 1996, and discovered flamenco at the age of 6 in Bordeaux (France) at the school of Soledad Vargas.

Growing up in a family with parents musicians, performers and authors, she is sensitized to art very early and is trained throughout her childhood in different artistic areas such as music, dance, plastic art (Conservatory of music of Bordeaux, school of plastic art, ballet, African and contemporary dance…).

At the age of 13, Salome meets for the first time with the Jerez dancer María Del Mar Moreno, a very important teacher in her learning to dance, with whom she continues to train until today.

In 2016, guided by her passion for Flamenco dance, she decides to continue her learning in Seville and enters the Cristina Heeren Foundation where she receives scholarships for practice and monitor 4 consecutive years, until 2021.

During these years she learns from the great masters of traditional Sevillian dance such as Luisa Palicio, Antonio Molina “El Choro”, Javier Baron and Milagros Menjibar.


In 2018, at the age of 22, she enters the CIE “María Del Mar Moreno” and is part of the show “MEDEA” in collaboration with Pilar Tavora. “MEDEA” premieres at the Lope De Vega in Seville in October 2018, then at the Teatro de Ronda in November and at the Teatro Villamarta in the XXIII edition of the Jerez Flamenco Festival in March 2019.


In 2020, eager to expand her vision of art, she collaborates with the dancer and choreographer Cristina Hall in her work “Simbiosis” which they take to the final of the Madrid Choreographic Contest and in October 2021 in the Microstable festival in Pamplona.

She trains in parallel and until today with other great teachers such as Miguel Rubio and Laura Santamaria and in stylized dance in the school “Flamenco Danza” with Tamara Lopez.

In September 2021, she entered the Antonio Ruiz Soler contest of the Torres Macarena penalty where she was a semi-finalist and in the XXI Andalusian Contest of Young Flamencos in Seville where she was a finalist.

In December 2022, she entered the contest “CreArte Flamenco, prize to the ‘Cantiña de Pinini’ of Utrera’ where she was a finalist.


Susana Casas


Susana started to dance at the age of 8 years with José Galván. Later, she learnt from Matilde Coral and Manolo Marín.

CAREER: A few years later she started performing abroad making her debut in France in 1992 where she stayed for a few years. Then she travelled to Mexico DF and to Netherlands with the show “Fiesta Gitana” by Curro Vélez. In 1996 she went to Japan with the show “Carmen” by Yoko Komatsubara in which she danced with Alejandro Granados, Torombo and Luis Ortega.


She has filmed a couple of TV shows such as “Venta del duende” and participated in the film “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura with the ballet of Matilde Coral and in the documentary “Dances of the world” by the Discovery Channel.


In 1994 she joined the company of Mario Maya in the shows “De lo flamenco” and “De Cai a Cuba” that they presented in the Bienal of Seville.

She combined her jobs with performances in important tablaos such as the Cordobes in Barcelona, the Arenal, the Palacio Andaluz or Los Gallos de Sevilla.


She was part of the Ballet of Cristina Hoyos for six years in the shows “Arsa y Toma” by Ramón Oller, “Al compás del tiempo”, “Tierra Dentro” by José Luis Casto, “Tiempo y Compás” and “Yerma”, in which she was main dancer in 2003 and succeeded.


The following year she joined the Flamenco Andalusian Ballet of Cristina Hoyos in the shows “Viaje al Sur” by Ramón Oller and “Romancero Gitano” by José Carlos Plaza.


She has also collaborated in the didactic collection by Pedro Sierra “Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm”


Sara Barrero


She started her dance career with the professors Ana Márquez, la Tani, La Chana and Antonio El Toleo.


CAREER: This Catalan dancer started her career at the age of 16, working in different tablaos of Barcelona: El Carmen, Los Tarantos and El Cordobes.


In 2002, at the age of 22, she travelled for the first time to Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) to work in the tablaoEl Flamenco as the main dancer for a year.


From 2003 to 2011 she worked in many national and international flamenco festivals such as Young Values Festival in Hospitalet in which she won the first award Carmen Amaya, Grec Festival in Barcelona, Flamenco Art in Catalonia, Flamenco Festival in Cornellà, Ciutat Vella, De Cajon Festival, Flamenco pa’tos in Madrid, La Unión in Murcia, Bienal of Sevilla, Mont de Marsans Festival in Marsans, Flamenco Festivals in Paris, Marsella, Lyon and Nimes in France, Flamenco Festival in London, Flamenco Festival in Tokio, Festival of Jazz in Praga, Flamenco Festival in EEUU, among others…


During her career she has shared stage with great artists such as: Eva La Yerbabuena, Maite Martín, Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Juana Amaya, among others.


During the period between 2005 and 2009, she worked in Maite Martín and Belen Maya’s company in the show Flamenco de Cámara.


Between 2000 and 2011 she worked as a teacher in different schools of dance; Amor de Dios School, Paca García School, Iñaqui Márquez School, José de la Vega School, Barceloneta Danza, etc…


FESTIVALS: Young Values Festival in Hospitalet, Grec Festival in Barcelona, Flamenco Art in Catalonia, Flamenco Festival in Cornellà and in Ciutat Vella, De Cajon Festival, Flamenco pa’tos in Madrid, La Unión in Murcia, Bienal of Sevilla. Mont de Marsans Festival in Marsans, Flamenco Festivals in Paris, Marsella, Lyon and Nimes in France, Flamenco Festival in London, Flamenco Festival in Tokio, Festival of Jazz in Praga, Flamenco Festival in EEUU.


AWARDS: First AwardCarmen Amaya in the Festival Young Values in Hospitalet.


Carmela Riqueni


Born in Seville, Triana in 1989, in the heart of a family of artists such as Rafael Riqueni and Maria Jimenez. From the hand of Matilde Coral began her interest as a professional in this art, with 17 years was awarded a scholarship by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, where for two years she learned from great masters.


She studied with Juan de los Reyes the technique of zapateado, has received several courses by “Farruquito” Pepe Torres, Ruben Olmos and Rocio Molina, among other great dance professionals. Her first professional appearance, which stands out as an important personal event, was in the Torres Macarena flamenco club where she performed in a tribute to the Sevillian dancer Angelita Vargas. She has danced in some tablaos in the capital of Seville, Madrid and Granada. In 2016 she performed as dance troupe in the Farruquito’s Cía broadcasted on canal sur for the Bienal of Seville. This same year she also joined the Flamencos por el Mundo Company with the show (La sirenita entre mares andaluces) that would premiere in the Biennial, thus starting a tour of different Spanish theaters.


In 2018 she participated in a tour of the Romí Flamenco Festival in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, along with José Maya, José Soto Sorderita, Jorge Pardo and Josemi Carmona among other great artists. That same year she toured Morocco in the film festival of Tetouan and Casa Blanca television with the artist Jalal Chekara, in 2019 she creates her first show with two other companions “Atracciones”, it is pre-released in Seville in March 2019, at the end of this year she travels to Japan to teach classes for two months. In pandemia she prepares choreographies for Rafael Riqueni.


Carmen Moreno

Carmen Moreno was born in Almería on December 4, 1989. At just two years old, her passion for dance and singing began, introducing herself to regional and folk dances. Following his Flamenco dance training at the "María la Rabota" school until he began his academic studies at the "Quina Jiménez" conservatory and finishing his professional career in Malaga, at the "Ángel Pericet" superior conservatory in 2014. his higher studies with the stages, being the tablao and peñas, his form of expression. Worked in various Spanish provinces such as Almería (El Morato, La Guajira and Entre flamencos), Granada (Jardines del Soraya, Los Olvidados), Málaga (Juan Breva, Los Mayas), Seville the singer) and Madrid (Torre Bermejas). In Seville I have been at Los Gallos, La cantaora, among others. In Madrid, Café de Chinitas, Torre Bermejas, Cardamomo.


  In 2019 she premiered her first show, called "atrACCiones" together with the bailaoras Alba Fajardo and Carmela Riqueni, this same year she debuted in South America, visiting countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. It is also worth mentioning her time at festivals in her land Natal de ella (Almería) "Placeando", "Tres a compás" and in the first "Entreflamencas" festival dedicated to women, organized by the sociocultural association "Entreflamencos". . In 2022 she premiered at the Maestro Padilla theater in Almería as the main dancer "Cara B", a show directed and choreographed by Eduardo Leal.


Currently she is located in Seville developing her art in the tablao la Cantaora. Her part as her interpreter in her dance is carried out with the prestigious soloist Javier Conde, performing various shows, "El Flamenco y su vibrante Mundo", "A mis Maestros".




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