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October in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

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Cold weather approaches shyly and gradually refresh the walk of a Rambla, which is more alive than ever. For this month, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes has managed to bring together a cast of top-notch artists. An encounter at the pinnacle of dance on a historical stage loaded with art and talent.

Cold weather approaches shyly and gradually refresh the walk of a Rambla, which is more alive than ever. For this month, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes has managed to bring together a cast of top-notch artists. An encounter at the pinnacle of dance on a historical stage loaded with art and talent.

Amador Rojas
As a singular representative of Seville, after a year away from the stages of Barcelona, ​​Amador Rojas returns (1-16). Disciple of the legendary Farruco, who taught him the foundations of the flamenco world, his passion for dance pushes him towards a continuous search as a self-taught, creating his own choreography with a personal and inimitable style. Genius creator, his successful career has led him to win several awards, such as the “Artist Revelation” Prize at the 2008 Flamenco Biennial, the 2009 “La Venencia Flamenca” Award or The Golden Lyre Musicianship Award of Los Angeles in 2010.

Karime Amaya

Tireless and deserved heir to the surname Amaya, Karime Amaya (1-31) keeps taking her shows to theaters around the world, and especially to her native Mexico. New York, Tokyo, Albuquerque, Quito, New Mexico, Madrid, Mont-de-Marsan are some of the cities that have visited, with their own shows and collaborating with other artists such as Farruquito, Antonio Canales or Mario Maya, among others.

She is also one of the protagonists of the documentary “Bajarí” of Eva Vila, that shows the flamenco world in Barcelona. She made her professional debut with only 9 years in the company of her parents, the bailaora “La Winy” and the guitarist Santiago Aguilar, and since then her extensive career has led her to become one of the reference flamenco dancers in the world.

Belén López

We also welcome back Belén López, flamenco dancer from Tarragona, she will be with us until October 16th. Early dancer in all aspects, her training in classical dance, which also applies to her flamenco choreographies, allows her to perform the most spectacular acrobatics without losing an apex of authenticity and flamenco aesthetics. She began her career as a child during the inauguration of Carmen Amaya Street in Barcelona, ​​in the presence of the then mayor of the city Pasqual Maragall. Her tremendous conditions for dance have led her to the most important theaters in the world since she was a child, coming to represent Spain in several editions of the International Tourism Fair (Inturfest). She is one of the most complete young dancers, in addition to a flamenco reference of Catalunya. In 2016 she won the Desplante, the world’s most important flamenco dance award.

Juan José Villar
Juan Villar is descended saga of Los Villar, a lineage of gaditanos artists that began with his grandfather, the singer Juanito Villar and that continued with his father, the also cantaor Juan Villar Junior. His mother, Susana Gómez, is also an artist, being in his case bailaora. With all this familiar baggage behind him, it is not surprising that Juan Jose has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors. In fact, he felt the call of flamenco from a very young age, and with only 8 years and already shoe on the stage of the Peña Flamenca “La Perla de Cádiz”. He has graduated from the professional dance conservatory “Antonio Ruiz Soler” (Seville) and has taken courses with artists such as Juan Ogalla, Concha Jareño, Mercedes de Córdoba, Pepe Torres, La Lupi, Farruquito, Ángel Muñoz, David Paniagua , “El Güito” and Olga Pericet.

He has made several tours in Japan and in 2016 he won the First Prize in the “National Contest of the Las Carboneras” (Madrid). That same year he was a guest artist at the “Improvisao Show, Farruquito at the Teatro Quintero” (Seville), as well as at the “Bailaores Show” along with Joni el Rimache and El Carpeta.

He has toured Azerbaijan with the “Chicuco show” by Sergio Monroy and has also participated in the Bienal de Sevilla with the children’s show “La Sirenita Entre Mares Andaluces” produced by Flamencos por el Mundo (Starring the Prince). youth, has already shared a poster with artists such as Carmen Ledesma, Pepe Torres, Almudena Serrano and Choro Molina, among many others.

Ana Pérez Servius
We complete our dacenrs cast with Ana Pérez. Born in France in a family of artists, she currently lives in Seville. Technically very resourceful, she has performed in Seville’s main tablaos and was an impressive newcomer at Mont-de-Marsan and Nimes Flamenco Festivals, where she presented her own show. She has collaborated with Andrés Marin in “Monocromo” and with Cristina Hall in the 2014 Seville’s Biennal and with “Translúcido”, presented in the Dusseldorf Flamecno Festival.

Authentic flamenco dancer, she carries weight in her performances, impressing the audience. She brings her African roots, her contemporary formation and culture and her strong charisma to the stage.


The cante and the dance glide to the rhythm of the music that is born of the guitars, guitars masterfully played by the artists that we are fortunate to have throughout the month of October:

David Cerreduela

Son of the great guitarist “El Nani”, has played for the best known flamenco, has accompanied Enrique Morente for years and has been a guitarist for the National Ballet of Spain.

Israel Cerreduela

Son of David, has worked with prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras or Enrique Morente, among others. He was born in the flamenco district of Cañoroto de Madrid, source of flamenco artists like David El Viejín, Gerónimo, La Excepción… This year he was second in the world’s most important contest for flamenco guitarists: Festival Internacional de Cante de Las Minas.

In spite of his youth he has worked with artists such as Enrique Morente, Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, Guadiana, among others and has stepped on theaters such as the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid, Col·liseum or the Spanish Theater in Barcelona and in festivals as important as the Biennale of Seville, where he acted along with Carmen Cortés, and has even acted in television programs, such as the most recent El sol, la sal, son of Jesús Quintero.

Israel is characterized by the freshness and delicacy of its flamenco touch, and is united to the experience acquired by the inheritance with which his family has marked him; without a doubt is one of the young promises of the flamenco touch and one of the tocaores with more personality of the moment.


Completing the trio of guitars we have the Tuto, a young guitarist with a trajectory that seems unstoppable. He began playing at the age of 14 at Tablao del Carmen in Barcelona and although he is very young, Fernández works with artists such as Sara Baras and several shows with La Farruca and El Farru, as well as singers like Montse Cortés, Duquende and Ginesa Ortega.


Mara Rey

Born on March 9, 1979 in Madrid, at a very young age began to take the first steps in Mexico in theaters like Bellas Artes and Coba Rubia, along with her father Tony Rey (guitarist) and her brother Antonio Rey, renowned guitarist, soloist and music creator for big companies. For years she has worked as a dancer and cantaora with Manuela Carrasco, Los Farrucos, Poveda, El Pipa, Duquende, etc. and has performed in major festivals such as the Bienal de Flamenco and the Festival de Jerez. The singer from Madrid will perform at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes during the whole month.


José Astárida, better known as “El Pechuguita”, possesses a stale, orthodox and ancient cante reminiscent of Antonio Mairena. From his throat sprout black and racial sounds that envelop with force a deep voice, full of seriousness.

He has worked in the main theaters in Spain, including Lope de Vega, La Maestranza de Sevilla, Fibes, Central and also at the Seville Biennial. In addition to touring the national geography, his art, effort and dedication have led El Pechuguita on tour in the Americas, Jerusalem, Serbia and also Casablanca.

A singer who, despite his youth, has already captivated spectators from half the world. A voice and a technique that make him one of the young promises of flamenco singing.

Antonio Campos “Bocaillo”

Born in Barcelona, ​​in the neighbourhood of Bon Pastor, he grew up since childhood in a flamenco environment. He formed as a professional singer in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, working with great artists, names like Karime Amaya, Susi, Pastora Galván, Jesus Carmona, Angelita Montoya, Guadiana, Junco, Farru, Patricia Guerrero, José Maya, Alfonso Losa, Marcos Flowers, Olga Pericet or la Moneta. By the hand of great prestigious cantaores like Manuel Tañé, Antonio Villar, Rubio de Pruna or the Coco, Bocaíllo just polished his talent.

Miguel de La Tolea

Cantaor born in Catalonia, son of La Tolea and raised in different parts of Spain, since he accompanied his mother during her performances.

At the age of 16, he joined the group called Cambalache, touring throughout Europe. He also performed with his mother in different countries, and at 18 he continued to travel around the world working for the company of Joaquín Cortés for a year and a half.

He worked in Japan for 6 months and on his return he moved to Madrid where he had the opportunity to work with great artists like Manolete, Rafael Amargo or Antonio Canales. He worked again for Joaquín Cortés until entering the company of Sara Baras in which he remained almost 10 years. Miguel has performed alongside great flamenco artists like Niña Pastori, Tomatito, Estrella Morente, Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Poveda, etc.

José de la Miguela

José de la Miguela is a Catalan cantaor who has collaborated with leading flamenco figures such as Antonio Canales, in addition to having worked in the main venues of Barcelona and Catalunya, among which are the Tablao Cordobes.


José Manuel Doya, better known as “El Zambullo” is a young cantaor raised in the Barcelona neighborhood of Verdum. Jerez roots and pure cante, gypsy and heart. With all the echo of Jerez and an excellent soniquete.

After some years living in Barcelona, ​​Zambullo goes to the South, specifically to Seville, where he settles down and begins to work in the Andalusian Ballet, where he meets Antonio Canales, Pastora Galván and Rubén Olmos. Together with them he works for a year in cities such as Madrid and the Alhambra in Granada. It was at this time that he met Farruquito and his family, with whom he has worked for the last five years, sharing tours with countries such as India, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. He has worked in Seville for 6 years, 3 of which lived in the Cadiz town of Arcos de la Frontera, acting in the main tablaos in the area. When asked about his favorite club, he responds that he feels identified by singing for bulerías because it is a cante he has heard all his life at home and at parties such as Christmas, weddings, etc.

October 2017 in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

Cold weather approaches shyly and gradually refresh the walk of a Rambla, which is more alive than ever. For this month, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes has managed to bring together a cast of top-notch artists. An encounter at the pinnacle of dance on a historical stage loaded with art and talent.


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