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Payos y Gitanos

From 01/05/2023 to 30/09/2023

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"Payos y Gitanos" will be a permanent festival of art, which will concentrate artistic wisdom, in a combination of styles and hierarchical diversity, with Art and Inspiration as the only point of reference. This is one of the aesthetic, democratic strengths that are the heritage of the flamenco tablao, to which we have tried to be faithful since 1970.



Let's enjoy flamenco in one of its sources of origin. Yes sir. The Tablao Flamenco.


Pol Vaquero

Pol Vaquero is a dancer born in Cordoba and graduated from the Royal Conservatory of that same Andalusian city. He has been a leading figure in the Antonio Canales Company and the National Ballet of Spain.


Águeda Saavedra

Soloist of the Ballet Flamenco of Andalusia and has won the award for revelation artist in the last Festival of Jerez, combining everything with her continuous training, her intervention as a soloist in tablaos and festivals, and with her work as a teacher around the world, being invited by the University of Albuquerque for the 2018 course.


Carlos Velázquez

He has toured around the world being part of the most important Ballet Companies in the country. He has participated in the plays “Carmen” and “Il Trovatore” under the direction of Franco Zefirelli, with Belén López, and has been first soloist dancer with his own company at the Muñoz Seca Theater


Cristina Soler

Graduated in professional Spanish Dance at the Conservatory “Reina Sofia” in Granada. She has been part of the “Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía” and has worked in multiple artistic projects, touring both national and worldwide.


Antonio Molina "El Choro"

He learned the basics of flamenco from his father “El Choro” and furthered his training with Manolo Marín and Javier Cruz. Currently, he has danced around the world and has produced his own shows such as “GELEM” or “Mi Baile”.


Gema Moneo

She belongs to the flamenco saga of “Los Moneo”. Formed by important artists such as Eva la Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, Farruquito, Rafaela Carrasco and Belén Maya, among others.


María Moreno

The dance of María Moreno (Cádiz, 1986) is the result of pure evolution. She places her advanced technique in a balanced position, basing her message on the breadth of resources that her creative universe allows her to show. Revelation Artist Award at the Flamenco Biennial of Seville 2018.


Sara Barrero

This Catalan dancer began her professional career at the age of 16. She has shared the stage with great artists such as Eva La Yerbabuena, Maite Martín, Belén Maya, Fernando Terremoto, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Carrasco, Tomatito, Juana Amaya, among others.


Davinia Jaén

Renowned flamenco singer from Seville. She was part of the Spanish Ballet performing all over the world: Israel, England, Turkey, China, Mexico, Eastern Countries, Italy, Brazil, USA or Russia.



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